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New Profile Posts

  1. JacobBlaze
    JacobBlaze Roubacc
    i can give yuu the bailey book if u stilll need it
    1. Roubacc
      Thank you, I appreciate the offer, but I already found it online.
      Apr 17, 2019
  2. John Blerg
    John Blerg
    Banned Troll
  3. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    if you can and are willing to help me, you can still contact me on the same emailadress: [removed]
    better to not post it here. tnx
  4. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 8
    I know this is a HG because i know what the future holds, and i use a up as i win progression. i habe played over 103 sessions with this and not lost 1. so i will continue with this, but only if i can play it at my bm. and even if the taxes weren't there i still prefer bm because of the noise at home with all the kids etc.
    hope that you can help me.
    talk soon pal. cheers, Eddy
  5. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 7
    now to make this message not to long, because i know you are a busy man, do you have a way so that i can play this awesome method also at my bm?
    i would really appriciate it if you can help me with it.
  6. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 6
    yesterday i tried it again and i had 5 sheets of paper lying infront of me :) one with the spins, one where i noted all the MI for ds, one for quats, one for streets and one for splits. it was a hell.
  7. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 5
    most of the time quats are not enough to make my €100 daily goal. usualy i end up playing MI om streets, wich is fine online, i use rx as pop up to inject the spins, so they gave me the exact numbers, locations i need to play. but in bm it's to hard
  8. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 4
    What i do is i'm focusing on 4 locations, because two don't give me the results i wouod like. i start with lines, when they are all back to 1 and i'm not in profit i move over to quats etc etc then streets and splits are also in the game when needed.
  9. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 3
    for every withdraw i make i have to pay 35% taxes. yeah i know, but that's holland. so now i would like to quit playing online and move over to my local bm with this. i have tried a few sessions, but it's just not duable to do it on paper. even at the egt.
  10. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 2
    Anyway i have a question and i hope you can help me.
    I have played the MI method now for over 4 months and not lost one session with it, so i'm very happy with that.
    the problem is, my taxoffice here in holland.
  11. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Part 1
    Hi ed, i didn't want to go to deep in my sleepers thread and all the nonsense posted by the sir no one group had me decided that i stop making new threads at that kinder garden. They won't listen anyway, it's only gifs and kittenphotos that they are posting and think i'm on drugs :)
  12. jekhb1976
    jekhb1976 TurboGenius
    Ed, when you have the time can you look into our outside the box thread? started by frodo. By some push in the right direction if we are off path.
    thanx alot
    cheers, eddy
  13. mr j
    mr j
    Be obsessed or be average.
  14. mr j
    mr j
    I will let Admin know for you !!
    1. Admin
      Thank you, but we are already aware and have been in contact with her via PM these past several days.
      Feb 9, 2019
  15. Karen Nathan
    Karen Nathan Admin
    When I try to start a thread it just lets me start polls and that's it. When I try to reply to somebody, I don't get a space to reply anymore.
    1. Admin
      PM sent to help you resolve it.
      Feb 7, 2019
  16. Karen Nathan
    Karen Nathan
    I'm having trouble again being able to reply or start new threads. :/
    1. Admin
      We are sorry to hear that. Can you please give us more details about the issues you are experiencing? What happens when you try to post a new reply or thread? What errors are you getting?
      Feb 6, 2019
  17. Glawour
    Glawour JAMESBANKROLL009
    Hi James, would you like to share your ideas with a baccarat player?
    [removed] is my contact, thanks and talk to you soon I am in Uk so the time might be different, i would appreciate if you drop a message back, cheers.
  18. Benas
    Not trying to beat all game, try to beat concrete wheel.
  19. Davemd
    Davemd jekhb1976
    eddy talk to me
  20. Karen Nathan
    Karen Nathan
    I'm having big trouble. For some odd reason, I can no longer reply to posts or start new threads. :/
    1. Admin
      Thank you for letting us know the issue fixed itself.
      Jan 8, 2019