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    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    SERGIO panatha
    Hi, how are you?
    Contact me at [removed] if you want to win !!
    What jhincks has is not a winner, I know what it does, I pay it and it doesn't work!
    but I do have things that work!
  2. judge
    judge HunterBBQ
    I am very interested in your playing style. Would you possibly share?

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  3. panatha
    panatha Jhincks
    I AM MEMBER panatha
  4. Mcvince
    Mcvince Blitz
    Email me at [removed]
  5. mansi19896
    mansi19896 kenneth warren
    same me Amar, would you help me kenneth please. if i can profit i may send you some payment too :)
  6. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Daniel
    are you saying in forum post your earning living with roulette?
  7. RickK
    RickK Jerome
    Thanks for the 6 Streets link...more or less confirms what I understood from his texts, but explains his progression..haven't tested it yet, but thanks again..
  8. BeJustRich
    [removed] for the ones who want to win!
  9. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Smitridel
    you'll needto read from bottom up.
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  10. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Smitridel
    Personally I’d just follow the starting 37 with the average of 1-3-5-7 for repeats over the 40 spin and make decisions as the spins go by. So this is where you would need to practice games of 60 spins and see if the average of 1-3-5-7 is there for you. It comes from 4 different sets of data; that includes DrSAA’s 10’000 star burst spins. Bet he don’t like them broke down and posted on Roulette Forum.
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  11. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Smitridel
    Turbo said in a post at RFcc take 3000 to win 3000. Well with a 10’000 BR I got a 1022. So we’d need to solve how to bet even less numbers when the progression is at say 25 unit or even bigger. So with the BR at 11022; what would the unit get too to win 10’000 units?
    2 numbers had hit 9 times and another 4 #’s had hit 8 times; so there’s 6 that might have to be bet; but then you’re told to not bet too many numbers.
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  12. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Smitridel
    124 spin had profit of +665; then took last 10 spins; bit like GUT jump back and got total profit of 1022; so the 60 spins quicker profit but only +357.
    Now I don’t know if this shows in Rona; but hopefully not. Reason why bother as others seem to think this game is 1/37 spin or as DrSAA shouts, 1 pocket To0 many.
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  13. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Smitridel
    Hello Smit; this is broke down to post thru character count.
    Been on R-sim and betting for repeat, using the soft progression.
    It’s been doing okay. Last game was 184 spin; but had a good win and then reset.
  14. RickK
    RickK Bitrock06
    Do you read Spanish ?
  15. RickK
    RickK SERGIO
    Sergio...pretty sure you have some good information in your recent posts, but I am not fluent in Spanish..is there a way to translate on the forum..
    Thanks in advance for any help you could offer....Rick
  16. RickK
    RickK Jerome
    And thanks to you as well, Jerome..you touched on something I have been thinking about for quite a awhile..
  17. Buzrom
    1. Admin
      We do not get involved in disputes between members.
      Dec 4, 2019
    2. Buzrom
      nobody ever ask you to get involved in disputes between members

      I am asking if you remove my posts that I ask for removing so I keep good for legal reasons but still explain what I need. is my posts not anybody elses

      or is it the case you dont care what members wants then once a member posts something you will never let them remove or edit it?
      Dec 8, 2019
  18. RickK
    RickK TurboGenius
    Thank you for doing what you do, from those of us in the category you described in your post that appreciate and learn from what you do.
    after much rereading, I realize it's all out there for us to learn..just takes some work on our part to put it all together..not sure how you put up with all of it, but thanks again...
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  19. LoraRoulette
  20. TurboGenius