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New Profile Posts

  1. Baccarat man
    Baccarat man
    Hi guys haven't been on here in quite a while.Im still playing baccarat online with some success.but also with some losses how ye all doing?
  2. Baccarat man
    Baccarat man Anthony Wilson
    Hi Anthony I'm a baccarat player myself,seldom play anything else.Are you a casino player and if so what is your preferred game??I only play live baccarat online because the local casinos only cater for roulette and blackjack and slots!!.
  3. Junket King
    Junket King Omar
    Thanks for following me Omar <grin>
  4. Benas
    Maybe somebody know, what happen with person, who used that avatar long time in many forums?
  5. TurboGenius
    TurboGenius CDN
    I wonder how many people actually know the person pictured in your avatar.
    Not many probably, which is a shame.
    1. CDN likes this.
  6. Rinad
    the Art of playing
  7. mr j
    mr j
    Be obsessed or be average.
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  8. victor nguyen
    • Violation of Rule #3: No Selling, Advertising, or Promoting
    victor nguyen Punkcity
    Hi bro, you can message me via watshapp [removed] for more information about the [removed] Baccarat Tool

    But first, please see my response about your questions on [removed] Baccarat Tool
  9. ehtelgaeb
    Call me Steven
  10. thereddiamanthe
    thereddiamanthe SERGIO
    Sergio · have been working on 862 ·143. Have some questions to send you.

    Contact asap me on [removed]
  11. thereddiamanthe
    thereddiamanthe albalaha
    Yo. Contacting you .. made recent post on 69\200 EC labouchere.

    Let's talk
  12. valvo
    valvo panatha
    Hey Panatha
    Are you still playing Turbos 6 street? if so where can I find it?
  13. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Quos
    quos were you able to contact winner for giving details about hes strategy?
  15. Ravinderchawla
    Ravinderchawla Clf7
    Hi, I read ur PDF, the main question is about random progression, kindly illustrate with an example, Suppose we lose 1unit on the 1st hand of the pattern, the 2nd bet should be how many units ,if lose 2nd hand, then 3rd, and so on, kindly clarify ur way of play
  16. Quos
    Quos Winner
    Hello warrior, could you explain how you play with EC?
    1. mansi19896
      yes me too, i posted there but not sure you see my message
      Feb 10, 2020
  17. valvo
    valvo David Gregory
    Hi David, I'm testing your method using roulette extreme. I have downloaded the whole month of November on one casino. I will test one day at a time from spin 1 until I win 50 or bust and keep you informed.
  18. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Mako
    Hi. would you share your method of making bets in baccarat
  19. SERGIO
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    SERGIO panatha
    Hi, how are you?
    Contact me at [removed] if you want to win !!
    What jhincks has is not a winner, I know what it does, I pay it and it doesn't work!
    but I do have things that work!
  20. judge
    judge HunterBBQ
    I am very interested in your playing style. Would you possibly share?

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