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  1. TwoUp
  2. 5pinn
    5pinn TwoUp
    What is your favorite progression?
    1. TwoUp
      Always positive progression, don't accelerate the debt.

      Every recovery begins with a win. The creative part is how to use that win or a portion of it to fund the recovery.
      Oct 24, 2022
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  3. Quos
    Quos GaryG
    Gary, please contact with me by email.
    1. GaryG
      I don't have your email
      Oct 12, 2022
    2. Quos
      Oct 12, 2022
  4. Platton
    Platton GaryG
    Hi Brother! I wrote to you, you know where. Please check.
  5. Timothy
    Timothy SERGIO
    What am I missing? Can you help point me in the right direction?
  6. soxfan
    Mirror mirror on a walls, who is the biggest bulls-shitter of them all, hey hey????
  7. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Vinny1084
    hey im interested in sport betting, what is your mail
  8. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    I'm back with mind blowing facts n details.
  9. Naughty but nice
    Naughty but nice Amber goldstain
    That's a fancy name.
  10. soxfan
    HELP I down some tonics and gin earlier and now I'm feelin rather blokish as a result. I'd better stick to the Guinness from now on hey hey!
  11. GaryG
    GaryG Ordinary_people
    Good job bud!
  12. Rond1nell1
    Rond1nell1 Winner
    Hello, are you the same winner of forum roullete life?
  13. GaryG
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    GaryG Platton
    Check [removed]
  14. Platton
    Platton GaryG
    And just at the end of those days of research, I began to show something. More precisely, I even know what needs to be investigated. And then I saw something interesting that I checked the other day. And it shows good results, and gives a lot to think about. Maybe you'll write to me after all, and we'll share something with each other?
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    2. GaryG
      There is no way to contact is there?
      Jul 24, 2022
    3. Platton
      • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
      I wrote to you earlier, in [removed]
      Jul 24, 2022
  15. Platton
    Platton GaryG
    Hi Harry! After a three-month study every day, I had to "go out" of life again for 3 weeks. I feel better now. How are you?
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  16. mansi19896
    mansi19896 TwoUp
    i understand why you dont believe spike, but what about punkcity flat betting -your fellow resident
    1. TwoUp
      I don't know what method he uses.

      Flat betting in and of itself will work if your selection has a real edge and it is great for validating that the edge exists. Profit will typically be a lot lower than using a progression.
      Jul 14, 2022
    2. mansi19896
      i dont know he is flat betting and i was also once got ahead +280 units while using stop loss -7 but evantually slowly it all melted back to zero, which left me puzzled is this rigged or does it matter where you play rng or even live for that matter
      Jul 15, 2022
  17. David Gregory
    David Gregory TwoUp
    Which of the two games would be the closet compared to a coin toss, Craps or Baccarat? Can I test my strategy accurately using Random.org coin toss?
    1. TwoUp
      I would say baccarat, but both bets are comparable and the decision rate is faster for baccarat.

      But you would have to get a proper card shuffle using your random data and apply the rules of Baccarat if you want to do it properly.

      Same with craps you would need to get random.org dice outcomes and apply the proper craps rules and point cycle.
      Jul 14, 2022
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  18. shaftmusic
    shaftmusic ehtelgaeb
    Unfortunatly sputnik dont want to say more about the match
    Hé is rallye strange
  19. Garfield
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    Garfield Sputnik
    Hi...is there any chance I could get your email? I have a lot to discuss witth you....thanks
  20. shaftmusic
    shaftmusic ehtelgaeb
    Thank you
    1. ehtelgaeb
      The base bet selection is a "running" bet against BB, PP, PB, BP. So you have
      Bet for B
      B win
      P wait this hand out
      Bet for B
      P lose
      Bet for P
      B lose
      Bet for B
      B win
      P wait this hand out
      Jul 5, 2022