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  1. cps10
    cps10 porky
    Hey! Interested in your method. Thanks for offering!
  2. 6th-sense
    6th-sense Sentinel 1
    if you need help on posting video links just give me a shout or send me a message on skype...username is [removed]
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    2. Sentinel 1
      Sentinel 1
      Thanks so much Sense. The action will commence from next Sunday when I get back to the UK. Quick question. If I upload play videos to YouTube. And I can't get them over to this forum. Would you be able to do it for me? Cheers...
      Dec 2, 2023 at 1:29 PM
    3. 6th-sense
      yes we will work it..all we need is your youtube name/channel only have to it once and refer back to the 1st post...members who are interested can then follow you and recieve notifications from youtube themslves there
      Dec 2, 2023 at 2:43 PM
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    4. Sentinel 1
      • Violation of Rule #3: No Selling, Advertising, or Promoting
      Sentinel 1
      Okay great. So I will let you know when I have a handful of clips on my channel [removed] and we can get this show started.
      Dec 2, 2023 at 3:46 PM
  3. Duongban1984
    Duongban1984 soxfan
    soxfan, I always read your messages and comments. Can you help me tell me what your betting style is? for example: aggressive progressive 1.2.4 or flat bet I'm very confused about this issue. My MM has always been 1.2.4 when I win. But it's not sustainable.
    Thank you verry much
  4. Gigi666
    Gigi666 TurboGenius
    Hi Turbo,
    You said few times you got my emails, but never replied, any chance you'll find some time to help a fellow longstanding forum member finally make a break?
  5. VLS
    VLS Proofreaders2000
    Hey Proof, just wanted to say THANK YOU for being a productive member of the roulette forum scene.
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  6. Blacktiger
    Blacktiger SPIKE
    Hey, just read your thread. Amazing sir!. I have been using RR by Gizmotron. I am making consistently small profits ( till now on software). Wanted your insights on a few things. Please reply
  7. Blacktiger
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    Blacktiger Jono1167
    Hey sir, just saw that you were testing reading randomness.. I wanted to talk to you. Please [removed] by reading randomness thread. I am [removed] too - [removed]
  8. Johndepz
    Johndepz Simplebetwins
    hey can you dm me
  9. Ordinary_people
    Ordinary_people GaryG
    Gary. [removed] Maybe we can help each other
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  10. mansi19896
    mansi19896 thedough
    hey. i would be interested in your live streams. where do you play. i would be grateful if you can help me to win also. I can send some profits to you also if it works. What sites you can play. if we are on both same site you can help me to also win. thanks
  11. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Gullywin
    hey is this possible to talk somewhere about poker teamwork, what sites you can enter and so on.
  12. LYKENT
    LYKENT Alex Paul
    Telegram [removed]
  13. LYKENT
    Telegram [removed]
  14. Lousy Gambler
    Lousy Gambler JacobBlaze
    Hi Jacob, please disregard what I asked. I deduced that O/X are the hand results and not his bets.
  15. Lousy Gambler
    Lousy Gambler JacobBlaze
    Hi Jacob, when Punkcity says O=Banker and X=Player, is that what he bet on in his detailed plays or are they the hand results?
  16. Dilon
    Dilon Marc0s
    Hi i need Rx programmer
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  17. gizmotron
    gizmotron Admin Team
    crickets... Maybe this is not the best place. But they, addicted gamblers must be here. In that way it's perfect. But control of an access door is needed. I need to green light entry. I need to direct new people to go to the beginning.
    1. Admin Team
      Admin Team
      PM sent.
      Mar 3, 2023
  18. gizmotron
    gizmotron Admin Team
    They won't get to jump ahead and interrupt with questions. I will send them back by posting to them to look back to such and such a page and pick it ll up from there. That's how this would work.
  19. gizmotron
    gizmotron Admin Team
    And they could blow me up and say that they were secretly charged. I will not charge to try to help a Problem Gambler. Note that this private forum would be open to anyone that is registered and allowed to enter. It would be my private own section. Is that possible?
  20. gizmotron
    gizmotron Admin Team
    Hi, wonderful job that you guys do here. Thanks. Is it possible to have a section here for people to contribute posts and to keep only those registered or secret code key entry to the section to see all the posts. A section for me to focus exactly on becoming a Pro Gambler for them. All for free. No payment expected.
    1. Admin Team
      Admin Team
      PM sent.
      Mar 3, 2023