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  1. Lousy Gambler
    Lousy Gambler JacobBlaze
    How is your baccarat career going for you? I would PM you since I'm curious about something except I don't have enough posts to PM. Hopefully, all is well with you.
    1. Lousy Gambler
      Lousy Gambler
      By the way, I just came back from Vegas after a 3 week stay. It's just too hot over there. Played $25 minimum baccarat at Palace Station and I'm surprised that they give out free hands at that minimum. So did Gold Coast. I wish they have that here in Atlantic City. Only Tropicana has free hands for $50 minimum and all the rest requires $100 minimum to get free hands.
      Jun 19, 2024 at 2:13 AM
  2. Zhang Wei
    Zhang Wei johnRF
    How do you buy from RTA baccarat? I want to buy using card. There's no info on their website. They rejected my email. There's no response on telegram.
  3. hamsup_sotong
    hamsup_sotong Mickey Crimm
    hi there mickey, I'm interested in learning advantage plays. Would it be possible for me to learn off you please? I'm based in Australia
  4. Timothy
    Timothy TwoUp
    Come back, please
  5. Johndepz
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    Johndepz Mcvince
    hey can you email me [removed] i also live nj would love to play one day
  6. Johndepz
    Johndepz Jae
    whats up beother u still play in pa? would love to play bac togther one day
  7. mansi19896
    mansi19896 Ripple Ratt
    thanks for sharing. So far seen impressive results with these numbers. Wishing you lot of strength and wellbeing to manage that illness of yours.
  8. mr j
    mr j
    Nobody cares about your story until you win.
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  9. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    I have stage 3 Parkinsons .
  10. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    My working system 3,4 9,10 15,16 21,22 27,28 33,34 When one of those is selected by PRNG , one more will hit next two spins.
  11. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    3,4 9,10 15,16 21,22 27,28 33,34
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  12. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    There are a few details and restrictions but it works for all calls to the PRNG.
  13. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    When one of those 12 numbers minus wins a second one of those 12 will win next two spins.
  14. Ripple Ratt
    Ripple Ratt
    3,4 9,10 15,16 21,22 27,28 33,34
  15. soxfan
    Hmmm, should I go to the Vegas solo, or should I bring a broad with me, hey hey????
  16. joe croupier
    joe croupier
    [removed, pay to advertise] best roulette tracker tools
  17. Johndepz
    Johndepz Rustyshackleford
    hey are you letswin from wizzard of odds?
  18. ybot
    ybot joe croupier
    hello Joe, do you know any trick to avoid being restricted by the bookies when playing value bets?
  19. phuongmmo999
    • Violation of Rule #4: No Posting of Contact Details
    phuongmmo999 Trung Nguyen
    lien he qua zalo [removed] nam. Toi se thao luan them voi ban ve PP cua ban
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  20. mr j
    mr j
    If you're not already a genius, dont even bother.
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