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Slots Atronic Emotion/Harmony JackpotConfig

Discussion in 'Slots Forum' started by Niels, Oct 23, 2020.

  1. Niels

    Niels New Member

    Oct 23, 2020
    Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with a specific Egm. It's about an Atronic E-motion / Harmony Slanttop.
    Game: Princess of The Amazon
    Jackpot: Deal or no Deal.

    I have recently had to ramclear this machine.
    Because the CB no longer wanted to 'load'
    Error code: CB: Busy please wait.

    After this clear I have lost all data of the linked jackpot. And had to config it with the Alink software for Windows.

    Here I have an old PC with Windows XP, the hardlock dongle, a Serial to Usb cable. and the install disk with the dongledriver and Alink Version 3.0.2.

    the dip switches on the CB are as follows.
    s1: 0
    s2: 1
    s3: 0
    s4: 0
    s5: 0
    s6: 0
    s7: 1

    S5 dip switch:
    1: 0
    2: 1
    3: 0
    4: 1
    5: 0
    6: 1
    7: 0
    8: 0

    S8 dip switches:
    All on off.

    The problem is that when I want to start this JPconfig I cannot get a connection on the windows pc.

    The steps I follow:
    Menu, CB settings, start JPconfig.
    On the PC: open program, click on Download.

    When I do this I get the error:
    Error occured during download. Failed to send Alink protocol header.

    It does not want to get past this.

    Does anyone know more about this, what's going wrong in this config.

    thank you in advance
    With best regards!

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