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Forex BB break + trendline break

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by hibra68, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. hibra68

    hibra68 Guest

    Hi I just wanted to share a trend break system with you guys.

    You should just try it on past charts first than move onto demo.

    Its simple

    Lets look at BUY

    We must wait for price to break and close below bottom of bollinger bands.

    if price breaks above midline of bollinger bands without first rejecting the midline than we buy at the close of the candle that breaks the midline.
    our SL is 10 pips , we bring our SL to breakeven when price reaches 10 pips , we take profit at 15 pips.
    Option #2
    If price rejects midline we draw a trendline from the previous high to the top part of the wick of this rejection and wait for a break and close of this trendline. Our sl tp etc are same as above after this.

    I will show examples.
    the first example is option #2 where price rejects midline first

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