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Misc Does My Teen Get All The Money?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Gambling Forum' started by tavernkeeper, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. tavernkeeper

    tavernkeeper New Member

    Dec 30, 2017
    Not sure where to post this but here's the story. Went on a family vacation out of the country and I love playing 3-card poker. For the first time my wife joined me and picked up the game quickly, enjoying the thrill of the cards. The next night, 2 of my kids (21 and 18) wanted to learn so they sat down and i stacked them with chips, and we played a bunch of $10 hands. Up or down a few hundred bucks -- it doesn't matter. I was there replenishing their stacks and giving them advice. At the end of the session, the stacks went back to Dad and it was a "fun time" for all. This happened a couple of nights while my 16 year old wasn't let in the casino. I also had a 19 year old who had other plans for a couple of nights. Then last night we went again, the 16 year old staying in the room (bummed) and the other "experienced" kids sat down with my wife and I and played, as the 20 year old watched and asked a lot of questions. This third kid finally asked to play and found a seat, again well backed by dad. It was 5 hands in when up turned the Royal, and the jackpot was $15k. So, the question is, who gets the money? What amazing luck! Everyone freaked out! But who gets the money? Is it all going to the newbie? Does Dad get it all back since i fronted the betting? Does it pay for the family vacation we were all on? Or do all kids get a piece of the action, because everyone was having fun, with a "bonus" to the kid who turned up the flush. The kid believes it is 100% theirs. The others feel it isn't fair. And I'm just jealous of the great hand. I have my solution, but would love your perspective. Thanks.
  2. Karen Nathan

    Karen Nathan Member

    Aug 14, 2018
    Miami, Florida

    I'm surprised that no one answered your very interesting question yet. I think everyone should get a slice of the pie so to speak since everyone was involved in the baking so to speak. ;)

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