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Atlantic City Eating in ATLANTIC CITY

Discussion in 'Atlantic City Forum' started by SCAN, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Lousy Gambler

    Lousy Gambler Member

    Feb 8, 2021
    Philadelphia, PA
    I'm not sure what you are asking, especially the standard of living part, but from what I know, different casinos have different policies as to when the comp dollars expire, but I believe most of them are 6 months from the date you earned them. I will try to confirm that in the casinos I play in when I'm back there.
    I know CET auto extends their expiration dates to 6 months from the last played date.

    I never had any of my comp dollars expire at Borgata or Hard Rock either, so perhaps they do the same.

    My wife did have her comp dollars expire at CET (about $30) because she didn't play there for a long time, and we just forgot to use them up before they expired. She had a decent amount at around $500 and we couldn't spend them fast enough and ended up losing some of it.

    Me and my parents lost our comp dollars at Resorts, because we just stopped going there. They weren't much (less than $20 combined) so it wasn't a big deal; although we could have had 1.5 dozen of donuts.

    I don't think any casinos let the comp dollars expire when they closed for 3.5 months due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and some people, especially the older people, didn't come back within 6 months to extend their expiration dates. When they reopened, there were practically no elderly folks in the casinos for a while.

    As to the standard of living, I'm most likely at the bottom of the pole as I've seen some crazy high comp dollar balances. Anyone who's at the above the middle tier player level gets those $10 or $12.50 for buffets and those tier levels aren't too difficult to achieve as it took me less than a month to get Rock Royalty at Hard Rock and Super Star at Bally's. So, it's really not that big of a deal. Diamond isn't too difficult to achieve either at CET because of their bonus score structure or multipliers and if you achieve Diamond Plus or higher, their player lounge is completely free with unlimited access. It's too bad they are now open only on weekends when they were open everyday before the COVID-19 Pandemic. Then, MGM /Borgata is the most difficult to achieve their Gold and higher player levels. When they had the Black Label player level at Borgata before MGM bought out the 1/2 share from Boyd, I was getting that player level in less than a month too.

    One night when I was getting my meager free comp dollars ($15) which I get 5 times a week at CET and I always take the comp dollars instead of the free plays, a man next to me was getting 20X of what I was getting and if he always took the comp dollars instead of the free plays, then he would net $1,500 comp dollars a week or $6,000 a month and I don't see how he could ever spend that much in a month.

    I'm pretty certain that he doesn't always take the comp dollars like me and most likely takes the free plays a lot. A lot of these comp kiosks are lined up side by side and practically right next to each other, so when I'm getting my freebies it's very easy to see what the other people are getting.

    I wouldn't think that the casinos give away free stuff unless you are losing. The highest I ever got was $25 free play coupons and only 2 of them per cycle. Then, I see these players with tens of $100 free play coupons and some with multiple $250's or even $500's. I cannot even imagine how much these people lost to get those ridiculously high free bet coupons.
  2. Nathan Detroit

    Nathan Detroit Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    By not playing the comp game we are rat holing net winnings and gladly are paying for the hot

    pastrami sandwich .

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