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Forex forex futures... interactive

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by hayseed, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. hayseed

    hayseed Guest

    many of us have surely thought of the pros/cons of futures vs spot forex..... hopefully some will speak up and offer their insights ..... or perhaps give us some direction.....

    have looked into them off and on over the years.... watched hundreds of youtube videos..... lately they have been weighing heavy on my mind .....

    the platform is different.... the scope of pairs to trade is limited..... but the dollars and cents per tick/pip is about the same..... the minimum to open an account is higher..... 10k for etrade futures and 3k for infinity futures..... the contracts come in odd sizes and manner in which they 0 out the account every night is confusing at first.... margin required is about the same..... but you are really choked down on number of contracts open at any one time if your accounts are at the minimum like mine....

    etrade futures uses the xtrader platform..... infinity futures uses infinity at platform.... overall the platforms are roughly similar....

    until i get a good grip on things, my sights will be on the small micros...... m6a the audusd ..... m6b the gbpusd.... m6e the eurusd..... but open to suggestions if anyone has some....

    my preference has always been to attach a live explorer with no restrictions..... such will be the case here as soon as possible....

    if anyone has any knowledge in futures or the platforms, please feel welcome to post it.... or questions... my experience is limited to a couple weeks, but someone else might answer......h

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  2. Diego San

    Diego San Member

    Dec 10, 2019
    Rather than Spread Bets and CFDs, the Foreign exchange market exchanges lots. This implies traders agree on a price for guaranteed conveyance. There is a compelling exchange of the hidden currencies with spot Forex, as it's a money transaction. Then again, with monetary Spread Bets and CFD positions, the trader never possesses the basic resource. There is no conveyance of the fundamental currencies, as are merely hypotheses on the future estimation of a currency against another one, because of the price given by a Forex broker.

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