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Lottery Have You heard of the Spanish Christmas Lottery?

Discussion in 'Lottery Forum | Lotto Forum' started by OnlineLotteryShop, Oct 9, 2016.

  1. OnlineLotteryShop

    OnlineLotteryShop New Member

    Oct 9, 2016
    All through current history, Spain has attained a fascinating standing, not just due to its prevalence of Spanish language all over the globe, but its culture also. The El Gordo lottery is another aspect in Spain which makes this country popular.

    What Is the Spanish Lottery for El Gordo?

    El Gordo is among the hugest lotteries worldwide. The meaning of the term El Gordo is ‘The Fat one.’ ‘El Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad’ is another reference for Spanish Christmas Lottery in Spanish language or just ‘Loteria de Navidad.’

    Worldwide, this is the hugest lottery in regard to general prize money payouts; therefore the term ‘El Gordo’ lottery.

    Actually, El Gordo is the winning ticket’s nickname for the top prize. The draw of this big lottery is carried out each year on December 22nd and it is viewed by the entire Spain on TV. El Gordo commemorated its anniversary for 202nd in 2014.

    The drawing ceremony for the lottery is in Madrid (Teatro Real de Madrid), Spain. It is broadcasted in real time on ‘La 1’ TV channel I (Spanish) and the Internet also, on website for RTVE.es beginning 8am. The draw for the lottery begins at 9am.

    The year 2011 was named history’s ‘fattest’ El Gordo, so far referred to as ‘El Gorda mas gorda de la historia.’ In 2011, the hugest winning figure allocated 4,000,000 Euros. In 2012, this amount remained similar. The overall prize amount was € in 2013; 2.2 billion and more in Euros. It is possible for this to be won simply by 15,000 and more winning figures.

    How El Gordo Lottery Differs from Other Lotteries

    In a normal lotto game, normally the player is required to select a set of figures from a particular range of numbers and an extra bonus number also. For instance, in the National Lottery in the UK, a player should select 6 major figures from 1-49 inclusive; then an extra bonus figure from similar range. To be a winner of the jackpot, a player needs to match each of their six major selected numbers.

    If there is no holder of a ticket who matches each of the numbers drawn in a certain week, the jackpot is moved forward to the coming week, becoming bigger in size as it does this.

    The draw for El Gordo Christmas lottery varies greatly in this regard; therefore, for this draw, just a specific number of tickets are printed. Due to this, each draw guarantees winners.

    The price of purchasing a whole ticket for El Gordo (Billet) differs a lot also, from purchasing a ticket in a regular lottery game such as the UK lotto. Purchasing a ticket for a single UK draw is going to cost a resident of Britain only £1. Tickets for El Gordo however, will cost you EUR200 each.

    Because of the huge cost of taking part in this lottery game, complete tickets are split into ten sections or decimos. These cost EUR20 which is more affordable. So, it is extremely ordinary for family members or a group of friends to divide the price of a ticket so as to turn the game into a more practical plan.

    In UK lottery, a small percentage of individuals ever become winners of huge amounts of money and many of them get disappointed each week. However, this popular Spanish lottery provides this winning experience to a huger percentage of people.

    In the draw for Christmas Spanish lottery EUR3 million was allocated to all the winning billetes numbering 180. In the draw for 2005, the number that won was sold in Vic town, Catalonia whose population is 37,825. The residents shared around EUR500 million.

    Significantly improved odds are offered by this Spanish lottery, of securing a cash prize, in comparison to UK lotto; you have a great chance of 1 in 6, of attaining a cash prize while in UK lottery your chances are 1 in 52.

    When playing lotteries like the UK lotto, more tickets are produced each time a pound is used up; this signifies that there is never a shortage of tickets for any of the draws for each week. El Gordo is totally different as just a specific number of tickets are printed and after all of them are sold, no more are produced.

    The El Gordo does not just trigger a lot of excitement in Spain, but currently all over the globe because of the rising number of ticket sales agents of online lottery. So, it is important for you to obtain your preferred number of tickets immediately they are made available, to prevent disappointment.

    What Makes El Gordo the Most Ideal Lottery Globally?

    If you are a regular lottery player, you possibly just play whichever one is accessible in your province, country or state. But are you aware that numerous states all over the globe provide lotteries also? Do you know that the Spanish lottery is really fascinating?

    El Gordo Spanish lottery is possibly the world’s most ideal! A number of reasons exist for this:
    In Spain, there are no taxes whatsoever on lottery winnings. In contrast, in the United States huge lottery winners are expected to pay a percentage of 30 or 40 in taxes, of their winnings, while there is no tax in the Spanish lottery.

    The jackpots’ size is another reason which makes El Gordo the most ideal. The hugest jackpots worldwide take place in Spain. The Christmas draws of ‘The Fat One’ every year in December as well as the jackpots go up to billions of dollars. Yes…billions! There is no place in the globe where you encounter such jackpots.

    The Spanish lottery presents a lot of other games as well such as El Nino Lottery; it also takes part in EuroMillions that presents some large jackpots as well.

    Finally, Spanish El Gordo lottery is the most ideal as individuals can purchase tickets online even if they are not residents in Spain. This means that despite where you stay in the globe, you can take part in jackpot lotteries of billion dollars.

    Where are lottery tickets for El Gordo Bought?

    In Spain, one can purchase tickets for El Gordo at Barcelona lottery offices, at hypermarkets, top streets as well as a lot of tobacconist stores known as ‘Estancos.’ A number of the areas where tickets for El Gordo are sold are thought to be ‘fortunate’ for one or more reasons and individuals queue for many hours to purchase a ticket here.

    Tickets for El Gordo begin selling months prior. A lot of businesses such as bars provide sections of tickets known as ‘participaciones.’ It is also possible for you to purchase tickets for El Gordo online, whether you reside in Spain or outside. Numerous websites exist which provide El Gordo tickets; however, to counter fraud, ensure you examine them.

    You can purchase tickets for El Gordo online, whether you reside in Spain or outside. Numerous websites provide tickets for El Gordo; however, make sure you examine them to prevent swindle.

    The hugest ‘El Gordo’ Spanish Christmas winning ticket normally has a total value of around 3 million in Euros; however, Spanish Christmas lottery is the globe’s hugest as a lot of winning numbers exist with prizes that have less amounts.

    Compared to any other world’s lottery, extra lottery prizes are paid out by the El Gordo lottery. This is the reason the world’s hugest payout is Spanish Christmas Lottery. Nearly all the people in Spain purchase one ticket or more for ‘El Gordo’ Spanish Christmas lottery. The average price is 70 Euros for each individual.

    El Gordo’s overall yearly prize allocation of more than 2 billion in Euros turns it into a huge success. When the winnings are huge, individuals purchase more tickets, leading to even huger prize quantities. People then buy extra tickets, etc.

    This is the way the renowned Spanish El Gordo lottery turned into the hugest lottery worldwide. No person in Spain is able to resist El Gordo’s lure during Christmas and particularly in periods of economic emergency.

    Details of Spanish Christmas Lottery

    In 1812, Spanish Christmas lottery was begun; since then, it has gained so much fame that an approximate percentage of 75 of the population in Spain purchase a ticket for lottery or part of one ticket. The amount is said by some to be close to 90%. There is also an approximation that every Spaniard on average, uses up about 70 Euros for El Gordo!

    The Spanish state manages this lottery draw. A percentage of 30 of sales from lottery go to the state in form of taxes and a percentage of 70 are allocated to prizes. Until 2013, El Gordo used to be exempted from tax. Since 2013, you need to pay a tax of 20% on winnings of more than 2500 Euros. The winnings below 2500 are free from tax up to now.

    El Gordo gains popularity also because the cash prize is distributed over winning numbers of more than 15000; therefore, a lot of cash prizes which are smaller are available. Some speculate the odds of winning are 1:3 while others claim it is a percentage of 15.

    Figures and Prizes for El Gordo

    The method for numbering is very complicated. You do not select your personal numbers; El Gordo requires you to purchase a ticket printed beforehand. The Christmas Lottery presents 100,000 varied numbers. Every ticket number consists of a picture (nativity) that alters each year.

    On December 22nd annually, there is a drawing of the winning figures. This occurs on national television in Spain (live); this culture goes back many years. Lottery for El Gordo goes back more than 200 years, from 1812 on 4th March.

    On 22nd December morning from 9.00, each year, 40 kids from ‘Colegio de San Illdefonso’ school (in Segovia) known as ‘Los ninos de San Illdefonso,’ aged between 8 and 14 turn up and small balls made from wood from two huge golden drums which have 100,000 figures are available. This ritual is known as ‘el soniquete de los Ninos de San Illdefonso.’

    One drum contains the winning figures and the amounts for prizes are in the other. The kids select from one drum and disclose the lottery number by singing and then select a prize from the remaining drum for that figure and sing it out also. The ritual is held at ‘Teatro Real de Madrid’ and takes slightly more than three hours.

    It’s very interesting and without it, a Spanish Christmas would be different. Obviously, due to the funds concerned, it presents extremely thrilling viewing, up to the time the winning figures for the drawing of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth prizes. The huge prizes which each person is awaiting are 1st prize, 2nd prize, one 3rd prize, two 4th prizes and 5th prizes numbering 8 as well as a lot of smaller prizes.

    Numbers and Tickets

    A ticket or billete for El Gordo has a number containing 5 digits; it is pre-printed. Every ticket figure consists of various sets or series of similar ticket figure. The precise amount of series and tickets and their cost also, and precise allocation of prizes as well is different each year.

    Illustrations of the way figures for tickets for El Gordo Function
    • 2013 – 100,000 varied ticket numbers are found in series of 160
    • 2012 - 100,000 varied numbers for tickets are present in series of 180
    • 2004 – 66,000 varied ticket numbers present in series of 195
    • 2005 – Ticket figures numbering 85,000 present in series of 170
    A series resembles a sheet of A4 consisting of 10 tickets that are smaller. A complete ticket sheet or billet is bought at 200 Euros. Every sheet for tickets is split into ten tickets called ‘decimos’ which are smaller. Each costs 20 euros. Majority of the individuals purchase a ‘decimo’ which is similar to a complete lottery ticket; however, as described earlier, a ‘decimo’ is in theory 1/10th of one ticket.

    The Functioning of Prizes for El Gordo

    The first El Gordo prize is allocated to one winning number. 20297 was the winning figure in 2006 and the amount for the prize in euros was 3 million. The figure 20297 had 180 series’ and therefore an allocation of 3 million was made (180 times) to a ticket containing this number or a full sheet.

    So, the overall allocation to the initial prize figure of 180 x 3 million = 540 million euros. Any person with 1/10th of one ticket, a number 20297 ‘decimo’ in 2006 was a winner of the matching amount of the prize of 3 million for every ticket in this series.

    Therefore, the overall payout of the number of the first prize of 180 x 3 million = 540 million euros. Any person who had 1/10th of one ticket, ‘decimo’ of figure 20297 in 2006 was a winner of the matching the prize’s amount of 3 million for every ticket found in this series. Therefore, a ‘decimo’ or 1/10th of 20297 in 2006 won €300,000.

    In 2013, the first EL Gordo prize went to one winning figure; the amount of the first prize was 4 million in euros. There was a series of 160 of the number for first prize; therefore, 4 million was allocated 160 times. This is to a complete ticket or sheet with this figure. Therefore, the overall allocation to the El Gordo first prize winning figure is 160 x 4 million – 640 million euros.

    Any person having a ticket’s 1/10th or ‘decimo’ of 1st prize in 2013 is going to win the matching amount of the prize for 4 million for every ticket in the series. Therefore, a ‘decimo’ or 1/10th of the 1st prize figure won €400,000 in 2013.

    So a "décimo" - a tenth of the 1st prize number won € 400,000 in 2013. The overall value of El Gordo ticket in 2013 was 3,200 million euros; 70% was allocated in prize funds. The final year of prizes for El Gordo being un-taxed was 2012.

    Beginning 2013, each of the prizes higher than 2500 euros was subjected to a tax of 20%; therefore, if you are a winner of 400.000 El Gordo, after tax you will obtain 320,000.

    El Gordo Winning Numbers

    A lot of myths and traditions exist on the way to select the winning figure. A lot of people use their ‘lucky’ number again and specific numbers become sold out faster, such as dates of celebrities’ weddings, etc, or figures which have been previously won.

    A lot of individuals and firms purchase one ‘decimo’ or more and vend it in sections to clients, friends and colleagues, etc. Sections of ‘decimos’ are known as ‘participaciones.’ When a person becomes a winner in the lottery in Spain, this is a joyous ending for everyone. The money from the prize is distributed around the entire family.

    You are always going to view TV images of an entire town or village neighborhood each 22nd December, kissing, hugging, dancing and taking Cava! Each of them has won El Gordo, Spanish Christmas Lottery.

    Ways to Purchase Tickets for El Gordo

    You can purchase El Gordo tickets in Spain online, at the authorized El Gordo website created by Spanish Lottery organization of ‘Loterias y Apuestatas del Estado.’ Foreigners and individuals outside Spain can purchase El Gordo tickets through numerous websites which provide El Gordo tickets:
    • Spanish Christmas Lottery official website
    • Website Spanish Lottery
    • Twitter page Spanish Lottery
    A lot of individuals in Spain purchase at the numerous offices for lottery tickets all over Spain; alternatively, they purchase ‘participaciones’ at offices, bars, or from friends and family. If you reside outside Spain, a lot of online firms that sell tickets are available.

    A number of them might be possibly very authentic and reliable; however, it is advisable for you to analyze their references meticulously prior to purchasing.

    If I am a Winner, Where Do I Obtain My Money?

    For winnings that are smaller, of 1000 euros, pick your winnings for lottery at the offices for lottery tickets in Spain. Amounts that are bigger are picked at specific Spanish banks such as Banco Popular, BBVA, Santander and Caixa Blanc.

    There is no commission charge imposed by the banks on lottery allocations, neither is the opening of an account by you required. You may also get in touch with Loterias y Apuestas del Estado, a Spanish lottery organization, by phone, fax or through their website.

    El Gordo Swindles

    In current years, a lot of illustrations of swindles by individuals claiming to be representatives of Lottery for El Gordo have occurred. These mostly target people who do not reside in Spain, who are not aware of the operations of the lottery. The fact is, that if you have not purchased a lottery ticket, then you are not a winner; therefore, do not be convinced without finding out from Spain’s official organization.

    El Gordo Lottery’s Official Website

    Loterias y Apuestas de Estado is the authorized operator or Spanish El Gordo lottery. Estado issued a caution about swindlers making use of the El Gordo name and forging bank forms and documents to get money under deceitful means.

    Emails and mailings are transmitted to UK clients alleging they are winners in Spanish lottery. So as to obtain their ‘prize’ the recipients are requested to issue details of their bank accounts and informed that between 5 to 10% amount won are going to be preserved for costs.

    But, the ‘winners’ are contacted later and requested for specific fees so as to give out their purported prize; they do not get a cent. Authentic lottery prizes in Spain are always exempt from taxes.

    Tip for Lottery

    Avoid purchasing your ticket very late; you may find each of the tickets for lottery has been sold out! And if you were not a winner in El Gordo, you can attempt Spain’s other huge Christmas lottery called ‘El Nino’ lottery on January 6th (Kings Day).

    The Catalan state has also begun a Catalan El Gordo known as la Grossa de Cap D’Any which has a huge payout as well.
  2. Danielle

    Danielle New Member

    Oct 16, 2016
    I had not heard of that before, but that is pretty interesting. I will have to look into that more.
  3. Daewon404

    Daewon404 New Member

    Aug 1, 2017
    mm, intresting :)
  4. julian988

    julian988 New Member

    Feb 22, 2021
    it is incredible how good the spanish lotteries are, one that me and my family use to play every year at christmas time, the golden witch, but now because of the covic I have not been able to travel to spain.
  5. MsAurea

    MsAurea Member

    Nov 6, 2020
    South Africa
    I am not really sure about the Spanish Christmas lottery. It is actually the first time I heard about it. This is really interesting. Well, thanks for this thread and explaining what it is all about... and it is very detailed. Might probably try this if I visit a Spanish country on Christmas eve. I am actually planning to visit other countries in the month of December. I hope I can also witness other people do this. Well, another great day! Learned another fun fact I can share with my friends. I hope I won't waste any bucks.

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