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Craps Insanely stupid horn bet, but….

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by RouletteGhost, Jan 16, 2024.

  1. RouletteGhost

    RouletteGhost Well-Known Member

    Sep 9, 2015
    Long Island, New York
    So for three days now I’ve been playing bubble craps

    (Bubble only, doesn’t work on simulators or live tables)

    now disclaimer: I know it’s the worst bet. And I know eventually I will lose

    but three days in a row now I’m winning $200-$300 each session

    here goes:

    $2 on each horn bet
    If lose $2 again on each horn
    If lose $3
    If lose $4
    So on and so forth

    back to $2 on a win

    on a win sometimes you aren’t in profit

    but then the horns cluster. I recovered everytime I was down

    I don’t know…..something about the bubble, it loves throwing horns

    im going to keep at it until I lose my initial investment but I’m up $900 in three days. Shrugs.

    on Long Island - jakes 58. They have one machine with individual dice at each terminal. That’s the one I use. I don’t use the community bubble.
    Last edited: Jan 16, 2024
  2. Chip Magnet

    Chip Magnet Active Member

    Aug 19, 2019
    I've seen those horn clusters.

    Those single player craps machines shake the dice for only three seconds. Lots of back to back sevens and enough back to back boxcars to make it a worthwhile bet.

    There are four numbers in the horn bet. 2,3,11,12. Which is why the horn rolls as often as the seven.

    By $2 on each horn, do you mean starting with an $8 horn bet, then $8 again, then $12, $16, $20 etc.?
  3. cleaningwindows

    cleaningwindows New Member

    May 15, 2016
    mustang ranch
    Hi Ghost I've chased the long shots with a similar play won some lost some glad you have been having success....here is a play you may enjoy that I do on the stadium bubble machine
    first bet 5 dollar on the same decision of last pass or don't pass no matter the out come (win or lose) bet the same decision as last and add one unit (5dollar) always increase your bet 1 unit no matter win or loss always betting on the same outcome of last when your bet is getting up there on a win (you can decide that) you can start back at the single unit (5 dollar) bet its a fun one to do make a fast Franklin
    RouletteGhost likes this.

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