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Forex Murrey Math + fractals breakout system (AdiZ Method)

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by AdiZ1, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. AdiZ1

    AdiZ1 Guest

    Hello to all friends

    my name is Adiz I am student of one great Mentor on forex world and trade via his combined system, I asked his permission to give his trading style
    here for the traders, I know there is lot of systems that work great, I combined his trading style with the great famous Nihilist indicators that are free
    on this forum and kudus to Nihilist as well.

    1.no insult and ugly words
    2.Respect the others
    3.No commercial contacts allowed
    5.GL all and trade well

    so what is this system based on?

    1.this system based on breakout of fractals zones with the assuring of the MM lines + S/R zones
    2.this system is for the 5min to hr4 time frame but I use it mostly for the 5/15 min tf for earlier entries
    3.this system is not set and forget system on the lower time frame you must watch the trade till the tp/sl
    4.this system must handle via huge patience and less emotional involve(if you cant handle that please don't trade at all)
    5.this system is very powerful if you know how to use it.

    Basic Rules:
    1.we trade only from German opening market till UK close!
    2.we don't trade 30min before red news release and wait 15 minutes after the release for enter if.
    3.on NFP day We trade only the first 4 hours of the above session and after that better stay out cause there will be sort of manipulations!
    4.the above rule I consider it as well for the days that we have press conference for major markets
    5.Avoid trade at the last day of the month.

    ok next step,

    indicators involve, main chart:

    1.4 main moving averages=current trend
    2.ichi cloud=current trend
    3.S/R indicator=for avoid open trades near them
    4.Murrey Math projections lines=tp/sl and for avoid open trades near them as well
    5.Fractal and MTF fractal=same as above
    6.Fractal break out and S/R orbs = determine breaking
    7.SD channel lines=determine trending market or ranging as well
    8.Fractal with trend line
    9.Nihilist ultra adx dash=determine power of current situation for several time frames

    indicators involve , sub chart:

    1.Nihilist adx formula=strength of the current move or floating
    2.flat detector indicator=same as the above+another confirmation
    3.GMT tape (Genesis matrix system)
    4.TMA slope true NRP!!=help us to determine as well trending or ranging market.
    5.Forbipredictor= help us to determine as well if the current signal is strong hinaf or just floating one.

    entry rules:
    1.price must be below all mva's with the SD pointing down degree
    2.mva's must be as this order for short : white below green and green below red and price below all
    3.FR S/R broke as well and price closed below.
    4.price below ichi cloud and below kijun
    5.the left and last major fractal's broke !
    6.price broke MM lines and not stand or close to it.
    7.below indicators all red and forbi don't sleep meaning no dead line .
    8.Nihilist dash I prefer will be most of it red/orange(from one min to one hr at least)
    9.tp will be the next 2MM S/R LINE SL will be the last swing high last high FR.
    10.exmple below.
    GJ 15MIN TF shortAttachment 1625633

    Long position entry
    1.price must be above all Mva's with the SD pointing up degree
    2.MVA's must be as this order for long: white above green and greeb above red and price above all
    3.FR S/R broke as well and price closed above it
    4.price above ichi cloud and above kijun
    5.the left last major fractal's broke!
    6.price broke MM lines and not stand or close to it
    7.the below indicators all green and forbi don't sleep meaning no dead line there
    8.Nihilist dash I prefer will be most of it GREEN/blue(from one min to one hr at least)
    9.tp1 will be the next line of MM and TP2 will be the next two lines or S/R zone's SL will be the last swing low /last low fractal
    10.exmple below
    GJ 5 min tradeAttachment 1625648

    I trade the system only with those pairs


    Good Luck all and trade wisely
    AdiZ.Attachment 1625683

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  2. Diego San

    Diego San Member

    Dec 10, 2019
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