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Roulette Roulette Royale Tracker

Discussion in 'Roulette Forum' started by Roulette Royale Tracker, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Roulette Royale Tracker

    Roulette Royale Tracker New Member

    Oct 6, 2020

    We have launched the Roulette Royale Tracker app, this app will help you to analyze the roulette and simulate strategies.


    • ✔️ Manualy add roulette numbers
    • Counter for the following type of bets:
    Red / Black / Zero
    Odd / Even
    Low (1-18) / High (19-36)
    Dozens (1st12, 2nd12,3rd12)
    Columns (1,2,3)
    • Counter of roulette vectors and sectors numbers (6X6 MATRIX)
    • ⚠️ Alert creator based on the number of times a certain number has been displayed consecutively (Red / Black ..).
    • Visualization of the last 8 numbers that have come out in the roulette
    • Hot and cold numbers
    • Statistical detail of each number
    • Save the games of each table to analyze different roulette wheels
    • Export data to EXCEL and create your roulette strategy and analysis

    Download our application! Google play --> "Roulette Royale Tracker".

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