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Poker SNG: Pair of 10s? What went wrong?

Discussion in 'Poker Forum' started by arun9179, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. arun9179

    arun9179 Guest


    I was playing 10 handed SNG , Third or fourth round( only 3 times the card was delt). Playing with brand new players, No Idea what kind of players they are

    SB =100
    BB 200
    UTG1 Folds
    UTG2( Villain) calls
    UTG3 Folds
    MP1 Calls
    MP2 Calls
    MP3 Folds
    Button( Myself) with Pocket 10s Raised to 800 ( almost 3/4)
    SB Fold
    BB Calls
    Villain Calls
    MP1 Folds
    MP2 Calls

    Almost all of us had around 2500 Pot

    Flop - AsJs8d

    BB Check
    Villain Checks
    MP2 Checks
    Button, As its checked to me , I couldn't put anyone in the pair, So I continued the bet with 800 ( I didn't calculate the equity or Pot ODD, Just thought the 800 is around 3/4th the pot and Hoped to take the pot right there)

    Everybody except the villain folds Turn was 6d.
    Villain Checks to me

    Again , I thoughg 8x or 6x hands are the hands villain could hold and worried about both the flush and continued with another 800 bet. Hoping to take the pot right there.

    Villain calls

    River was 8s

    Villain checks..May be this is the biggest mistake i did, In the heat of the moment, I didn't think complete card range and just playing with value of my hole card ( It always happens to me , Need to find a way out) i thought he didn't make anything and keeping the pot small , I put all in and the villain calls.

    He shows 45s ..and took all the pot? What is my mistakes here ? How should i have played this?
    I am also trying to see how should i analyze this hand for off table steady. Any help would be appreciated.



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