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Craps So now that Frank Scoblete has joined the list of EX-members of this forum....

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by SCAN, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. SCAN

    SCAN New Member Founding Member

    Jan 30, 2015
    Reposted with typo correction

    So ANOTHER knowledgeable interesting gambling author has joined the list of members driven from this board.... I only ask... To what end.... Why is that everytime someone had gambling knowledge and also made money writing about gambling, they were attacked here while writing for FREE, until they just said " F it," its not worth it.

    How does that benefit a board which the owner started as a vehicle for gambling authorities?

    I do not get it.
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  2. Harley

    Harley Active Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 16, 2015
    Area 51
    yea, Scan - you don't get it ... you need to set aside your hometown bias and realize Frank was here to promote his book - you should realize there are no coincidences in your profession

    Quote from other boards where Frank has also exited until his next book:

  3. LarryS

    LarryS Compulsive Liar Compulsive Liar

    May 8, 2015
    If someone has the ability to write books, they also should have the ability to wipe the floor with people who disagree with them.

    For example, if you go to the john patrick site, you will see basically 2 posts per day total. And one of them is usually Patrick himself. If you take the time to post something that questions his methods it never sees the light of day. He doesnt have real time posting so he can review posts first.
    You would think that an author of a dozen books could hold his own in a debate. But alas he cannot. He is not mentally equipped, so censorship is the answer.

    Here Frank S, got his word out about his book as well as he could. In the thread questioning THE CAPTAIN, Frank S at any time could have said, "I have answered to the best of my ability all questions and comments on this matter, it is getting redundant and I will cease posting on this thread and on this topic, I have said all that I could say". But instead he engaged posters to the end, and even tried to fog the issue with the all important issue of "womanizing". Instead of blaming posters for his exit.....how about viewing his behavior as being rather childish. Rather inept.

    There are ways to say what you have to say, and then say no more. There are ways to handle adversity without running away.

    People had interesting comments, and frankly I got tired of his response being tied to the concept of someones use of the word "womanizing".

    My take on the matter is that he would have run away no matter what, once he felt his advertising had run its course

    People can block other posters, they can choose not to read other posters...there is no reason for anyone to run away because of other posters.
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  4. Frank Scoblete

    Frank Scoblete Active Member Founding Member

    Jan 15, 2015
    As I have been doing since I posted on this and a few other boards, I will be happy to send a free copy of my new book. Just PM and give me your address and I will get it out ASAP.
  5. Tabletop

    Tabletop Member Lineage to Founders

    Mar 5, 2015
    Frank, I'll give You one Last Piece of Advice. STOP IT!! You are much too nice to be on A Craps forum. Regardless of if the Captain is real. Regardless of if you Only appear when it's "Book Sale" Time, These guys/gals will eat you alive if they think they smell "Shit". You have to be Very Thick Skinned while posting on these Forums, YOU certainly don't fit the Criteria. Now, if you were like Me, & Frankly didn't give a flying shit, You'd fit into these forums Very "Snuggly".

    I certainly don't have a dog in the Race, but you have some very knowledgeable "Players" on these forums that have been frequenting the Casinos for a Very long time. The Craps community is tight Knit community. When Monster Rolls are Tossed, it becomes a topic of discussion for MANY years to come. Certainly someone would have come forward to give specifics about the Alleged 147 Roll hand of The captain's. After all, YOU were the one that Promised to Remain "Hush Hush" about the Event. Certainly NOT the "Others" that allegedly witnessed the Event. Did EVERYONE involved promise the captain to Remain silent? As you very well Know.... There are ALWAYS loose lips that Sink Ships! Isn't it rather odd that ALL witnesses of the Captain's Spectacular roll chose to REMAIN a member of the "Secret" Society?
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  6. DeMango

    DeMango Active Member Lineage to Founders

    Mar 14, 2015
    I have a friend in MS that witnessed an 80 roll hand by H R&R today. Texted me asap. That's how it works.
  7. superrick

    superrick Active Member Founding Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    Funny we had text messages that said he had 70 rolls in both Biloxi and Tunica too on the same day that were 100 miles apart. Funny how this kind of BS shows up on the boards, I hope that friend wasn't H R&R that sent you that post because it has gone up ten rolls when you got it! The word we got was he was there giving a class, and now get this he was shooting an off axis shot when he said it happened!

  8. $nakeEye$

    $nakeEye$ Active Member Founding Member

    Dec 30, 2014
    Las Vegas
    Rick -

    The BS is NOT from Howard -

    It is from whomever sent the info / mis info to DeMango-

    OR - DeMango himself misinterpreted the ACTUAL communication !

    THERE is NO mention in MY text messages from Howard that the 70 roll hand hitting the ATS when he had $5 on each was accomplished with OFF-AXIS shooting -

    I interpreted the message to read " THE BUNTER is GONE " - the " BABE RUTH of DICE " is BACK !

    And HE got THERE with ON-AXIS PARR shooting !

    You need to get YOUR FACTS right - OR - FIRST HAND !


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