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Intro Sup everyone

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by kevin temmermand, May 23, 2023.


Does anyone else feel offended by the monetary amount of orion stars daily spinner?

  1. Yes, It is Ludacris and vaguely pitiful to give such a small amount to paying players!!!

  2. No, I feel orion stars daily spinner is fair.

  3. I Haven't played Orion Stars...

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  1. kevin temmermand

    kevin temmermand New Member

    May 23, 2023
    obviously you can read my name but im 36 and have been playing online casinos and casino platforms for little over 3 years.

    Online casinos that I have played include: Chumba, LuckyLand Slots, Pulsz, PulszBingo, Fortune Coins, Atlantis, and a few others i cant recollect.

    My main interests however are the fish tables that have been sweeping through well everywhere.

    I have played a good bit of the fish tables, but not all of them such as: Ultra Monster/UltraPanda, Vblink, JUWA, Golden Dragon, Panda Master, and Game Vault. Like most niches i have my favorites which are UltraPanda and OrionStars.

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