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TurboGenius The Limits of Random - 2020

Discussion in 'TurboGenius's Forum' started by TurboGenius, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. TurboGenius

    TurboGenius Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Jan 25, 2015
    Self proclaimed Theoretical Philosopher
    Near Atlantic City New Jersey
    Yet another subject that is very popular on roulette discussion forums is
    the so-called debate about how random performs.

    It's always interesting how those who don't agree that random has limits
    will also agree that it does - even to exploit it when possible.
    When a bias wheel is detected, this process of testing proves in itself that
    the current spins are not "random" and a bias is present... yet the same people
    will argue that random has no limits.
    It would give the reader the wrong idea that with random "anything can happen".....
    either given enough time or spins... "anything" is possible with random.
    This simply isn't true. There are things that do happen, but these prove that
    a wheel isn't producing random results (bias) and further backs up the argument
    for random having limits.

    As a quick initial demonstration I've uploaded a video showing software tracking
    the results of spins as they happen.


    Now, this is how random performs.
    It isn't chaotic and unpredictable, it actually shows predictable results.
    It also shows the limits that random has.

    Assume for a moment at spin #1 that we have a fresh set of data being
    charted.... is there any locations below 0 ? No. 0 appearances is the low limit
    at all times. This already is a limit that exists naturally.
    Now a number can appear 10 times more than the others for example... but as soon
    as it gets beyond "random" in results the "FAIL" will appear and this isn't considered
    a random outcome game.
    It could be from a wheel defect or some other cause, but it isn't random.
    There is a high limit - and when this limit is surpassed - we don't have random
    This again yet alone proves that random has limits.. a low limit and a high limit
    and as spins go by (as in the video) - all numbers will gain hits randomly and the
    circle grows... at no time is there some strange deviation from this "random"
    and if there were, it would NOT be random. The results would have gone beyond
    the limits.

    Example #1 -

    I created 2 blue dots to represent fictional numbers.
    One is off on it's own near the center of the circle - it would have appeared
    at some "impossible" place in the chart, and another outside of the bottom right -
    again appearing at some "impossible" place.

    If either of these were an event, "random" would not be the result... because random
    has limits.

    The green line represents the "mean" or the average -
    as we can see MOST numbers appear incredibly close to this "average".
    Some have appeared more than expected and are outside of the green average line.
    Some have appeared less than expected and are inside of the green average line.

    The blue line that connects them all SHOULD be considered as an analogy I like
    to use - a "rubber band" that contains random. Some can be greater and some less
    than average - but this ALL happens within a controlled area -
    what isn't possible with "random" is for either of the blue dots that I added to happen.
    If so, then there isn't random - there is a bias/malfunction or defect in the
    apparatus producing the spins.

    So while many will argue that "anything is possible" - I've just proved and demonstrated
    that this statement is false.

    Random HAS limits, when it doesn't - it's NOT random.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
  2. Jhincks

    Jhincks Member

    Jan 8, 2020
    I agree, well said.
    I think you're on the right track but your aiming is off.
    Refine the ordering then it's all about the triggers.

  3. John Blerg

    John Blerg Well-Known Member 👹 Troll 👹

    Jan 9, 2018
    Founder of CalAsia Proven Baccarat Wagering Method
    Self Banned Troll
    Gizomtran said that all table games will be in museums except poker because of his breaking the code and that will cause all casinos to go bankrupt. he posted it on this forum board. what do you think?

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