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TurboGenius Thoughts ?

Discussion in 'TurboGenius's Forum' started by TurboGenius, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. TurboGenius

    TurboGenius Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Jan 25, 2015
    Self proclaimed Theoretical Philosopher
    Near Atlantic City New Jersey
    I haven't posted a thread in a while, this one should be entertaining and maybe useful too ?

    I was at the casino and the guy next to me kept looking around and then betting - nothing
    too strange but he was winning pretty well. I didn't pay attention to the amount he had in chips
    but he was playing 4 numbers and winning nicely.
    So I was doing pretty well also but I had to ask what he was doing because that's just how it works
    when you see someone winning lol.
    He said "I play the coldest numbers on the tables next to us"
    I kind of chuckled and thought about what he said but didn't pay much attention to how or why
    that could ever be a good strategy. He was doing very good with it though.

    So when I got home I thought more about it, trying to give it a chance to make some sense
    as to why this was working *for him*.

    I've learned that *for example* with a deck of cards, you could never shuffle the deck properly and get the cards to line up in the same order twice.
    It's actually pretty impossible. There are videos about this as well. The odds are insane.
    It would take every person on the planet who has ever lived, shuffling their deck of cards from the time the universe began to now and still there is no chance of the same deck repeating. *from the video*

    But why would this matter to roulette ?
    Well, if you write down numbers as they appear, for 37 spins.... you will never ever in forever get two lists of numbers that are the same.
    I've said before - if you know what's not possible - you can have a slight advantage.
    In this case - the 5 coldest numbers on that wheel can't *can't* be the same 5 coldest numbers on this wheel we are playing.
    That leaves these 5 numbers to be either hot on this wheel, showing around average at this wheel, or a mix of the two - but NOT the worst 5 numbers to play on our wheel.
    Sure enough, doing a quick test shows this because I starting writing down the spins from the wheel I was playing vs the wheels at the other tables on my next visit.

    My table compared to the other tables - showing my coldest numbers and how they appeared
    on the other tables :


    And now what would have happened if I had played the coldest numbers from the
    other wheels on my own table :


    I would have won on 4 out of 5 of the top hottest numbers on my wheel by playing
    the coldest numbers from the other wheels.
    5 numbers would have been hot and produces a profit *up as you win*
    2 numbers would have shown average so +-0
    5 numbers would have been "cold" which is fine because the bets on them would have
    been low and the 5 winners *certainly the top 4 hottest* would have easily covered
    those losses.

    Thoughts ?

    Nonsense ?

    Any point of view welcomed.
    Cheers and stay safe everyone.
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  2. mr j

    mr j Well-Known Member

    Jun 7, 2015
    self employed
    Milwaukee, WIS
    No time to reply now but I will.

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  3. TurboGenius

    TurboGenius Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Jan 25, 2015
    Self proclaimed Theoretical Philosopher
    Near Atlantic City New Jersey
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  4. Dr. Sir Anyone Anyone

    Dr. Sir Anyone Anyone Well-Known Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 18, 2015
    Shoe Cobbler
    Some quick facts. Playing the coldest numbers across similar live wheels (same wheel manufacturer) is actually a really bad idea.

    Here's why. It has to do with the center wood cone (dome). Where the wood panel seams meet on the center cone you will usually find eight panel seams. This center cone is usually a wood veneer that's glued to cardboard like fiber/glue combo. These panel seams often form ridges that have a slight rise to them. Some wheels have these ridges the moment that they're delivered to the casino from the manufacturer. Others develop the ridges over time from fluctuations in temp. and humidity. These ridges are located at the front of the pockets. If a ridge splits the center or part of a number then that number will tend to hit less frequently than the numbers on either side of the ridge.

    Here's why that can happen. When the ball rolls through the front of the pocket and up onto the center cone it will be less likely to roll back from the cone and into the that pocket because the ridge will tend to divert the ball to either the left or right of the ridge.

    To fully grasp the effect you can fold a piece of paper and then straighten the paper. Next, lay the paper on a flat table, ridge side up. Try rolling a ping pong ball or marble across the ridge on the paper and you'll see the effect in action.


    (Don't bet the zero on the wheel above!)

    These seams usually align above the same numbers for each wheel that is produced by a manufacturer. Meaning, that could be several wheels in the same casino that share the same crappy numbers. And remember, these numbers may suck for a very good reason!

    Rather than chasing the coldest numbers, a better approach would be to look at the wheel first and look for numbers that are hot and that don't have a panel seam/ridge splitting the middle of the number. Look to the left and the right of these seams to find numbers that might hit just a bit better than probability says that they should hit. If you find wheels in the casino that don't match the panel seam settings of the other wheels, then pay extra attention to these wheels, because someone has taken the time to rotate the cone for a reason.

    Good luck.

    -Dr. Sir Anyone Anyone.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2021
  5. Punkcity

    Punkcity Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2020
    Sanctamonious bullshit baccarat advisor
    In someone’s head MATE. Skipptophia.
    Yes good thread , many times one can see many anomalies that just seem to be beyond just too dam easy money just for the taking . The anomaly may not be the same tomorrow as it was today, including the example in your thread initial post turbo .

    As stated I play baccarat, I’m actually a sanctimonious.bullshit baccarat advisor, lol, but I do keep my eyes open and monitor the roulette machines,tables also. On any given day there is free money on offer, play cold v hot across different tables, even money chances are abundant just by either following or opposite one table against another sometimes 20 plus spin in a row. Same with columns, dozens etc.

    If you are flexible ( mentally) it’s very easy to make money at a casino. If you just gamble like a degen , wanting the fix of the win or the loss in some cases then no you won’t see any opportunity as you walk through the money field.
    Good thread. Cheers
  6. Anunnaki

    Anunnaki New Member

    Jan 28, 2017
    Dr. Sir, I'm going to have to give credit where credit is due and have to admit that this is one of your most informative posts that I can recall. I sincerely appreciate the very specific information regarding potential wheel design defects and how to identify and/or exploit them. Thank you for your detailed, professional contribution to this thread and not just using the Breaking Bad shaking head animated gif yet again...
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  7. Denzie

    Denzie Active Member

    Nov 28, 2019
    How agressive (positive) would you suggest for the progression?

    Thoughts...i think we can choose from many pools of numbers to make it work...( no, not b-days and stuff but numbers that been picked for a Damn good reason) . But a good read , i didn't even think about this stuff...interesting

  8. Gigi666

    Gigi666 Active Member

    Jul 16, 2020
    Wouldn't it be the same split if we picked random 12 numbers? I guess probably more like 4 hot, 4 avg, 4 cold

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