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Forex Trend Trading (RSI + William's %R)

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by AdamG, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. AdamG

    AdamG Guest


    for couple of days I've been playing around with simple EA that will enter both long and short using RSI trend detection criteria and entry depending on %Williams'. Entry setup is based on:

    Trend detection:
    T1. RSI ranging between 10 - 50 downtrend
    T2. RSI ranging between 50 - 90 uptrend

    Entry point:
    E1. %R peak > -20 when T1 - SELL
    E2. %R peak < -80 when T2 - BUY

    Self explanatory picture is attached
    Attachment 1797639
    TP and SL are fixed

    1. SL = 250*Point
    2. TP = 350*Point

    I use mainly 15M chart and its only ~150-200 transactions in a year on a pair - not much but using all possible pairs can do a lot.
    I even tried to look for trading hours but not much out of it
    Attachment 1797662

    It has been proven in many back-tests that it can be profitable in majors
    Attachment 1797655

    but there is one BUT:
    Initially i tried with default 14 period RSI and %W. Then i realized i got better results when 13 period is used, then i realized that best IndPeriod varies over time. Like this year 13 is the best but last year or quarter it was 16.
    It was supposed to be simple EA but then i decided to play also with: break even when in profit, lot optimization, risk management, trading hours and it became quite complex robot;)

    Here is where i got stuck and i think i could use some help.
    1. Do you think we could somewhat optimize robot "on-line" to align IndPeriod for future? Like close loop after 3 months optimization and readjusting for following month?
    2. Do you think of some criteria how to filter bad setup and increase profit?
    3. Any other comments or inputs?
    EA is attached with good settings for this year USD/JPY, go play around with it if you want and let me know your thoughts


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    [​IMG] RSI_%R.pdf 187 KB
    [​IMG] RSI_%R_rev.8.ex4 17 KB


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