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Blackjack Wong-Halves Blackjack card counting app

Discussion in 'Blackjack Forum' started by JampiX25, Dec 26, 2020.

  1. JampiX25

    JampiX25 New Member

    Dec 26, 2020

    If you only read one post today, let it be this one!

    I am a young "programmer wannabe" and enthusiastic Blackjack card counter. I mainly play on online casino sites, and I was figuring that a computer program can be really helpful to all of us live online casino players.

    I have not found any complex apps online for reasonable price, which can combine 3 different counting methods for a:

    • Betting Efficiency of 100%

    • Playing Efficiency of 100%

    • Insurance Efficiency of 100%
    So I decided to make it. It is highly customizable, but easy to use, and very self-explanatory for someone, who did card counting in real life. I can assure that no men can use 3 different counting methods at the same time, so using this program takes the player to otherwise unachievable win ratios.

    I more than quadrupled my money in 3 months. And at the casino where I play the penetration is not so good. I belive that this program can help anyone make some money with blackjack card counting.

    For those of you, who are interested in a program like this, I made a sub-site of my ecommerce site (basically an own website) to this program, where you can get it.

    Here is the link


    I give a free trial, for trying it out, but the full version is just 10$, so it makes back it's price in an hour.

    Thank you for reading my post and have a nice Christmas!

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