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Mar 31, 2020
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In someone’s head MATE. Skipptophia.
Sanctamonious bullshit baccarat advisor

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    1. Bactz
      Hey there, punkcity. I can tell your a baccarat player eh?
      1. Punkcity
        Yep , play poker also lot of fools willing to be tv poker player lol. Good luck
        Aug 13, 2021
    2. Myrtlejones
      ok you have been around tell my who is right and who is not on this site PLEASE
      1. Punkcity
        Sorry just saw this text, most are ok just hot headed at times.from what I gather no one is totally correct, there are some complete fools here they are obvious , you are ok, you really have something,it works. Gizmotron I don’t like him but he has some gems in r r thread. Not to be dismissed. I find those that stick to their method, you, Jae, soxfan,jimske junket, me etc are good Cheers
        Jun 12, 2021
    3. ehtelgaeb
      Hey PC. Hope things open up for you soon.

      If I may ask, if two people are using your derived road methodology, would they always have the exact same bet selection or is it subjective enough that the two individuals would most likely have different bet selections?

      I ask because I am trying to follow some of your plays and I may get 45-60% of the same bets you do.


      Steven (AKA ehtelgaeb)
      1. Punkcity
        Sorry just saw this, yes about 95% exactly the same selection, th 5% different would be natural individual bias on how quick you are to jump from flr to olr, or if you decided to take a no bet and I continue and lose next bet then kpi % change but the very next bet would be viewed exactly the same as both of us watching it.
        Mar 7, 2021
        ehtelgaeb likes this.
    4. victor nguyen
      • Violation of Rule #3: No Selling, Advertising, or Promoting
      victor nguyen
      Hi bro, you can message me via watshapp [removed] for more information about the [removed] Baccarat Tool

      But first, please see my response about your questions on [removed] Baccarat Tool
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    In someone’s head MATE. Skipptophia.
    Sanctamonious bullshit baccarat advisor
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