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Keno $2,760.40 Multi Card Keno Jackpot!

Discussion in 'Keno Forum' started by UBetcha, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. UBetcha

    UBetcha New Member

    Jan 16, 2019
    Sacramento, Ca
    Hello All,

    I just joined www.gamblingforums.com this afternoon, and before I could even get my introduction approved by the Admin for public display I hit a massive $2,760.40 Multi Card Keno jackpot on www.videopoker.com

    Yesterday I had created my latest 80# wheeling system, by using the formula grouping of 5/1's, 1-5, & 10/7's, which if used as a full wheel will give you 20/7's.

    Instead of playing the natural full wheel, I decided I would spell out the word "JACKPOT" 8 times, once across 7 of the 10 columns, once in each of the 8 rows.

    What that did was give me 7/8's, 1/8 in each of the first 7 columns, along with 8/7's & 4/10's in the starred out area to the right filling in the last 3 columns.

    Within the last 3 columns I made an 8 spot that also held 8/7's, and then filled in the remaining cards with 4/10's, which I have never hit, and am still in search of, my Multi Card Keno Holy Grail.

    The winning combinations consisted of 7 of the 8/7 spots, plus the 8 spot that they were a part of, and because of an error I made while inputting each of the 20 cards, I accidentally did not remove a number from the combination on the E card resulting in that card actually being an 8 spot which paid $120.00 more, making the total jackpot $2,760.40 instead of $2,620.40!

    The win occurred at 9:34 pm (PDT) tonight, Wednesday, January 16, 2019 while I was watching "Harry Potter & the Deadly Hollows, Part 2" on TV, as I was holding my own hand made magic wand in my left hand, while tapping the "enter" button on my laptop.

    And that's when I made some magic of my own!

    I don't think that it's a coincidence that earlier this evening I had my headphones on while I was building this new system and was listening to a motivational video on YouTube... "Manifest Anything You Want - Law Of Attraction - Fulfill Your Desires - Miracle Happens"

    Immediately after my jackpot win I got my cell phone out and made a video of it, which I uploaded to a friends YouTube channel.

    Check it out, try it out, & good luck.

    Like I've always said, "winning never gets old!"



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