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Craps $2 Minimum Craps Table Odds?

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by ClockWork, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. ClockWork

    ClockWork New Member

    Aug 15, 2018
    So I have a rather interesting idea to share. (I haven't calculated this) So the local casino I play at has a $2 minimum and 3x odds at the table. The casino allows you to put $3 on the pass and then put $10 behind on odds for a 5-6-8-9 giving you the extra dollar in odds. They also offer this for the dont pass if the occasion would arise. My question is, doing the pass line with $3 and $10 behind better than doing a normal dont pass that doesn't use the extra dollar like a $2 flat with $6 odds for a 6-8?
  2. Alan Shank

    Alan Shank Member Founding Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    retired software engineer
    Woodland, CA
    $2 flat DP with $6 odds is not really triple odds. On the don't side, the allowable odds are based on how much you will win, not how much you bet, so you could lay $12 to win $6 on 4/10, $9 to win 6 on 5/9 and either $6 to win $5 on 6/8 or maybe they would allow you to lay $12 to win 10.

    Anyway, it depends on what you mean by "better". Percentage-wise they are almost exactly the same, about .45% house advantage. The main difference is that you are betting more with the $3 pass/9-10 odds, so you will have more extreme outcomes, wins and losses. For the $3/9-10 option, your average bet is $9.37, $6 for the $2 DP/$6 odds. Here is some data, based on 60 bets:
    $3/9-10 pass:
    expectation -$2.55, standard deviation $$94.49
    Assuming you make all 60 bets, i.e. you don't bust or "take your winnings and run", about 70% of the time you will end up between $91 ahead and $97 behind. About 5% of the time, you will end up between $152 ahead and $158 behind.

    $2/6 DP:
    expectation is $-1.64, standard deviation $44.88. If you make all 60 bets, 70% of the time you will end up between $43 ahead and $47 behind; about 5% of the time, you will end up between 72 ahead and $75 behind.

    With either method, you can play for quite a while on a modest buy-in.

    I also calculated the option of $3 DP, lay $12 4/10, $9 5/9 and $6 6/8.
    For 60 bets, expectation is -$2.45, standard deviation $63.79.
    This is much more comparable to the pass method, as the average bet is $8.67.

    Here's a question: If you bet $3 DP, will the casino allow you to lay $12 to win $10 on 6/8 and win $8 on 5/9?
    The more of your money you put on odds, relative to your line bet, the lower the overall house advantage, and the greater the variance.
    Cheers and good luck,
    Alan Shank
    Woodland, CA
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  3. cleaningwindows

    cleaningwindows New Member

    May 15, 2016
    Hi Alan I am kinda new to this forum and cant access the personal message, could you please pm me I have a bit of news that I think you would be interested in, it is about a friend that you new from a old gambling forum thank you sir good to see you posting again

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