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Roulette 7 vs 5 method

Discussion in 'Roulette Forum' started by Eli, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Eli

    Eli New Member

    Feb 14, 2020

    If you had 7 out of 12 rows covered, what are the chances that the number of losses on the uncovered 5 would reach 20 more than the number of wins on the covered 7. That doesn't seem very likely.

    Here we have 7 rows covered, 5 uncovered. If your bet loses, to gain it back you need to raise your bet to 1.4 times what it was.

    (I use a site that deals as low as 10c so I will use this as an example)

    Starting with 1$ on 7 rows. If it loses, raise it to 1.5 so you will earn a small profit and not just receive it back. Now, on a loss, you raise by 1.5 each time. $1, $1.50, $2.30, $3.50. Each time you win you go back to the previous bet. Each time you win directly after a loss, that's where your profit increases.

    Here is an example.

    You lose:

    This equals -$13.6 x 7 rows
    = -$95.2

    Then you win:

    This equals +$21.6 x 5

    Profit is $12.80, and that was an example where there were the same amount of losses and wins.

    Because you are covering more than half of the board, you should stay at the bottom most of the time, earning the profits of your first bet.

    The more the pattern staggers, for instance Loss Win L W L W L W L W. Every time it changes from a loss to a win, the profit when you get back down to the first bet is increased.

    I usually start low, at 1$ or 80c on each of the 7 rows.
    Each time you win, it goes back one step closer to the start, with that 5/12 chance of going back up to that, or a 7/12 chanc of you winning and going back down a step.

    This is just an idea, I'm just toying with the concept. No haters, this is just a bit of fun.
  2. Drekken

    Drekken New Member

    Jul 1, 2020
    I liked this strategy and it was something very helpful
  3. Nathan Detroit

    Nathan Detroit Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    58% of the numbers on your side and 42 % against you.

    Good ratio.

    Happy Winnings .
  4. Parpaluck

    Parpaluck Member

    Jul 10, 2017
    Gettysburg, PA
    • Violation of Rule #1: Be Respectful
    Now, you dropped in a different form of schizophrenia, senile imbecile. Here, you believe in winning systems. “Happyy Winnings .”, huh?

    But in one of my roulette threads you wrote:

    “Do mot ever buy any gambling system . They are worthless crap.Just to fill the scammers pockets . Losers who know they are loseres .”

    You still can’t write a sane one-line sentence. Punctuation always aggravates your condition. You should have completed your basic education, instead of wasting your life in the slammer!
  5. Nathan Detroit

    Nathan Detroit Well-Known Member Founding Member

    Dec 25, 2014
    A good idea of yours for having posted that 21 number bet selection .

    A compromise between the EC and the 2 dozens .


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