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Baccarat AP Heat

Discussion in 'Baccarat Forum' started by R19, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. R19

    R19 Active Member

    May 12, 2018
    This cat has some interesting views. A lot of which directly counters what actually occurs in baccarat in real play. Some will eat this sort of math bros theory all day long. Because when you work for casinos, tour casinos on behalf of casinos, and don't actually play, you tend to work at the games the way a casino would.

    Lots of absolute falsity and racist commentary noted throughout as well that some on here would really like. Lot's of notes endlessly about card counting, edge sorting, other supposed forms of advantaged play, and so forth. All of which do not work or are completely negated by casinos. Edge sorting!!! hahaha.

    All I have to say is NERD!!!

    A Baccarat Side Bet with a 10.32% Off-the-Top Player Edge

    'This one was an opportunity of historic proportions. When I visited, it was my impression that APs had not yet found this side bet. You missed your chance. I told them about the goof. No mojitos for you!'



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