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Sports Betting Bet2U verification problems

Discussion in 'Sports Betting Forum | Sportsbook Forum' started by Slavoljub Delic, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hello.
    I made few deposits on this joke site back in July , totalling about 700e. Placed all money on few bets and won about 10k.
    They void all my bets saying that all matches played were fixed lol ( Sure I can fix 6 games in same league playing in same time:banghead: )

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting us.
    The bets had been voided on grounds of " fixed matches ".

    Best Regards,
    Bet2U Support

    After that I was unable to request withdrawal even if my account was already verified. I was getting some error message.
    Later they finally answered on my mail with next message:
    Dear Customer,

    Our security has placed your account on hold and they need an additional verification of your account.

    As part of our security procedures, we need to validate your registration information. In order to do that we do need you to supply us with the following notarized documents:

    A notarized copy of your ID, Passport or Driver's License with apostille
    A notarized copy of a recent utility bill or statement showing your name and address with apostille

    Note: Your documents can be certified by a Public Notary who will date, sign and stamp the document to verify its authenticity. Each individual document should be certified.

    Please send the requested documents to [email protected].

    Best Regards,
    Bet2U Support.

    I sent them requested documents on
    Sep 11 and all they say after that is that verification can take up to 20 days ( I am waiting 30+ days)
    Stay away from this scammers!


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