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Bitcoin BetcoinAG sports and casino

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by Shambles, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. Shambles

    Shambles New Member

    Oct 10, 2020
    BetcoinAG offers some of the best sports books odds & casino games across the world of gambling. Played here many years & can say the community & support is nothing short of loyal & commutative. Plenty of loyal players across the globe come together here to converse in the live chat, to speak about bets, sports, casino games & other various forms of betting.

    The support is some of the best support you can ask for when it comes to a book. They’re quick to answer your questions and be there for you whenever you need. The support group is limited but always responsive 24/7 meaning you’ll be speaking to the same reps that remember you by name, meaning your loyalty, situations, issues & or solving will always be remembered. They work constantly to help you with any needs possible and always come to the most helpful & reasonable solutions possible that I’ve seen. Issues can always come up in sports books and casinos, weather it was some glitch, faulty mishap, error etc. They always listen, respect your input and come to a caring and reasonable solution for each issue. It’s hard to find such care for every member but Betcoin offers that to the finest of there ability.

    The sportsbook itself offers a wild variety of sports, anything you’re looking for you can pretty much come across here and if you can’t for some reason; you can write a support ticket to inquire and ask. Everything you need you can find in the sportsbook section, from nba, nhl, nfl, soccer etc & other popular leagues to esports, rugby, cricket, table tennis etc. You’ll never find yourself not finding the event you want to bet on.

    The casino end of things is amazing as well, there’s tons and tons of slot machines from all rangers so you’ll never not find that special game you’re looking for as it offers all the big names others offer or don’t have. They also have a lovely variety of live casino games as well which means you can always find yourself a game to your liking weather it be slots, table games, etc. It’s a lovely layout and works so smoothly you’ll never find yourself with any issues.

    The book truly is like a community & family. As a member who has played there for many years I’d highly recommend giving it try. They offer many Alts and coins, the deposit methods are basically instant & the withdraw times are as fast as imaginable, virtually no wait.

    The book has basically everything you’d love in a book. If you are seeking for a lovely place to play and spare your time, come down and have a blast with the community you won’t be disappointed I promise!

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