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Horse Racing Betfair scam for -623€

Discussion in 'Horse Racing Forum' started by Roodge, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Roodge

    Roodge Guest

    Hello guys,:hurray:
    I would like to ask you if someone have similiar epxerience.

    I was trader on BF a few years, but this situation I experienced first time.

    It was date of 19th, May, exactly this market on Betfair - GB / Strat 19th May / 2m6f Nov Hrd - Horse race. Before the start this market I had on account balance 117€ (lots of € I withdrawn) I maked profit aproximately 70€ in this market. In the race started 3 horses and at the begining one horseresignet, it was the reason why I had such a big profit. BUT when market calculated I had big loss - -623,36€ ! How is possible?There are on input GB / Strat 19th May / 2m6f Nov Hrd Ref: 165038703803 with odd 10,42 Lay for bet 130,03€ and liability was 1224,36€ I had on my account balance aproximately 117€. So it is total nonses.:an_light:I don't know how is possible, but this is not mine. I have a few screenshot. Even I had input on every three horses, but in Betting Profit & Loss I have calculated only 2. I wrote my problem on Betfair live chat and they told me that market was resettled I asked him how is possible and they told me *If a market is settled incorrectly it would be resettled.*

    So with profit aproximately 70€ I had loss -623€ and account balance -503€, is this any chance to get back ? I wrote on live chat maybe 5th times, it was useless and minimalt 5th e-mail it was also useless. In angry moment I wrote on chat that I want to close my account, because I refuse to deposit 500 € to get 0 account balance. It was their mistake not mine.

    Check my screenshot. I have more, but this I will be I thing enough.
    Thank you for your reaction. :cheers:




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