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Casino Could any Comps/Free Play Enthusiasts help me out here? :)

Discussion in 'Casino Forum' started by Karen Nathan, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Karen Nathan

    Karen Nathan Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2018
    Miami, Florida
    Tomorrow or Thursday, I will be getting BIG money. I am planning on using about $1,000 in a Local Casino as a BASE. I am planning on playing $500 in Roulette(Planning to play 1,2,3 at $20 each($60) and $20 on the corner bottom($80 together) and $10 for 00 and 0 each or $20 for the 00 and 0), so all together, $100 a spin for 5 tries on Roulette) and $500 as a BASE in a Slot game(Planning to play Max Bet at $5 100 times). This Casino bettered their Comps and free play after in early August, about 2 months after reopening after the Coronavirus Shutdowns. How much money in Comps/free play do you think I should roughly expect.

    $1,000 is JUST the base. On the Slot I am thinking of at Max Bet, in the bonus game, a full screen of the Top Symbol is $50,000. The Comps/free play I would get playing $50,000 as a BASE would be insane. :) But let's say that I play the $1,000 and all of the slot spins lost(Unrealistic for 100 Max Bet spuns to be ALL losers)and all of my 5 Roulette $100 bets turn out to be losers(Realistic) about how much free play/Comps should I expect on $1,000 play? :)

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