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Craps Craps … under the microscope.

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Tinhorn Gambler, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Tinhorn Gambler

    Tinhorn Gambler Member Lineage to Founders

    Mar 4, 2015
    Sin City, Nevada
    Craps … under the microscope.

    Laying against the 6 or 8.

    The game of craps offers some of the best gambling possibilities of Winning with less than 1% house edge, but it also has some bad bets over 16 %.

    So how do players Win?

    Let me present what some Vegas players are doing and you can decide whether their scheme of things is good, bad or ugly.

    Normally the majority of players are DO bettors and the minority are DON’T bettors. Yet … there are even variations of this strategy.

    Recently I was at a local Las Vegas Casino and I watched a player use a strategy that I thought was sort of ODD.
    Let me set the stage.
    He was a player that would play the Pass Line and come bets, however he would also play the DON’T at times.

    There didn’t seem to be any triggers of when he played the Do or Don’t, but gut feelings. (Intuition)

    Now to the strange part … if he played the Pass Line for $5 or $10 and his come-out point was either a 6 or 8 he would normally lay it for $60. Apparently his faith in the numbers 6 or 8 was very negative. And when he was shooting from the DON’T side he would just use the $60 as DON’T odds.

    He would also on occasions lay the 6 or 8 on other shooters.

    When the table was cold he looked like he was on the road to riches, however when the table changed so did his bankroll. But he was a seasoned player and did very little chasing, he would switch sides or layoff the betting.

    Normally players look at the 6 and/or 8 as a good strong right- side bet, but here was a crap player that looked at the opposite.

    And although his ODD betting logic was not what we normally see … his 6 or 8 lay amounted to a little over a 2 % house edge and his other bets were even lower.

    In conclusion there are over hundreds of ways to make crap bets to attack the game. However, the Short term game has no rules and getting on the road to riches can be plausible when the bias runs in your favor.

    The bad news is the road to riches has many potholes, twists and turns … as the Long term game wants its due.

    Just another day in Sin City.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  2. Gabriel

    Gabriel New Member

    Dec 27, 2016
    Computer Draftsman
    New Mexico
    I like practice at home on my practice table to warm up. When I go to casino I play pass on myself. if I see a random roller I play the don't pass. I believe in setting the dice and rhythm rolling due to the fact I track my rolls to 540 to guage the difference against the odds. When I throw my hardway set I have results where all the hardways are above average. So if i see people setting their dice I bet with them, as long as they have a good toss and the dice don't go all over the place. But random rollers will seven out unless their having a lucky roll.

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