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Sports Betting Creating a bookmaker's office, my experience, how I earned the first million rubles.

Discussion in 'Sports Betting Forum | Sportsbook Forum' started by Betting Software, Jan 10, 2018.


think to start a gambling business?

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  1. Betting Software

    Betting Software New Member

    Jan 10, 2018
    Hello friends! I want to tell you my experience in the bookmaker's office. One day I decided to start taking sports bets.
    Having looked all the way to Google, I realized that the companies that create bookmakers are few. And the difference in price is huge, I had $ 12,000 on my hands. Realizing that I need to spend on the promotion of my future site, I realized that I can spend only 8000-9000 $. In the market of creating a gambling business, prices start at $ 15,000. Then I had to dig deeper, and I came across Betting Software. I went to their site, looked at the clumsy translation, left a request, and within 10 minutes received an answer, in crooked English. A little doubting started the dialogue, it took 5-6 days and now I am sent a contract, which I sign, and I send an advance payment for the site $ 3000, 30 days have been allocated for website development. The site decided to call Betsstore. I will say right away, I was born in Kazakhstan, and I knew Russian well, this made it easier. The site decided to send to the Russian segment, where competition is not the highest. I ordered the site with a sports sports line and eSports, and screwed up my favorite slots. While doing the site, I watched the sites for advertising my future site. I made contact with the administration of various groups in the social network VKontakte. I made a prepayment for some thematic groups and waited just waiting. Hour X comes, this is the delivery of the project from the team Betting Software. Terms of delivery of the project were not met, they handed over the project to me for 2 weeks later than planned. The project was made in 2 languages, English and Russian. The guys gave me round the clock technical support of my site, I paid the final cost of the project. I started to do marketing, and here began the real FAT! In a day there were 1000 users, for registration I gave each user $ 5 bonus. I made a bias towards e-sports, for the first month of work my turnover was $ 3,000. I earned about $ 1,200. For the first month of marketing, $ 700 went. I started advertising with a new bonus, a bonus when replenishing x2, and guessed, spent for the entire monthly marketing of $ 1200 and made a turnover of $ 5,600! I earned about $ 4000! Next, I came across a platform. Twitch began to actively buy advertising from streamers, and looked at the result, I spent $ 1900 on this site, 12,000 users were registered, they created a $ 11,000 turnover !!! In parallel, there was advertising in social networks, on the whole I created a turnover of $ 19,000! Has earned 7 500 $!
    Now my site is actively working, and it's cool! Guys do not be afraid to create your business in the gambling business, start making your small offices and earn.
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  2. randelj420

    randelj420 New Member

    Feb 16, 2018
    What were the main problems while running your business?
    Finally, someone has specified about price.
    What is the name of the company which helped you release your bookmaker's office? (don't have to put links)
  3. siktirnaxuy

    siktirnaxuy New Member

    May 15, 2018
    The prices set in the article refer to 2010s'. Nowadays the affiliate marketing artificially increased promotion prices with their volumes.

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