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Forex Crude Oil Inventories - February 18th 2021

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by James Thatcher, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. James Thatcher

    James Thatcher New Member

    Feb 15, 2021
    United Kingdom
    DOE Crude Forecast is -2426
    DOE Gasoline is +1397
    API Actual Crude is -5800
    API Actual Gasoline is +3900

    Will therefor use a forecast of = -4000 for Crude oil
    Will therefor use a forecast of = +2500 for Gasoline

    Remember that OIL is a commodity, so more oil is bad for the market price and vice versa. A positive deviation means a SELL on OIL and a negative deviation means a BUY on oil! So we must reverse the triggers!!

    For non-slip platforms will use a timeout of 100ms
    For platforms with slippage will use a timeout of 500ms#

    T1 = 3900 dev, with max conflict of 1500 on Gasoline
    T2 = 4900 dev, with max conflict of 2500 on Gasoline
    T3 = 6000 dev, with max conflict of 3500 on Gasoline

    Additionally, we can set up another T1 trigger of +-5000 on Gasoline if Oil deviates by at least +-1750On platforms that allow slippage control, we can run the same setup but allow GAS conflicts up to 5000 on all triggers

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