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Craps Dice Influence: It Doesn’t Work…

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Mark V, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Mark V

    Mark V Active Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 16, 2015
    Gambler, bikini contest judge, and lounge rat
    Las Vegas
    First, read this article by guy who loves craps and learned Dice Influence http://dicedoctor.info/?p=739

    I will comment that his story is one I have heard bunches of times. Many people buy the books, the DVD, attend the seminars and put in a lot of money and effort to practice as they have been taught to do, only to end up with a big ZERO. That is right, they don't win like they where told they would.

    Gee, now what is it when you buy something and told it will do something, but then it fails live up to its claims? It is called a scam!

    Many scammers first convince the sucker to buy the Snake Oil, in this case the Dice Influence stuff, and then when the sucker uses it, they fail. The scammer then says that 'Your doing something wrong. Come to my seminar." and charges them for that. So the sucker goes to the seminar and still loses. The scammers then say, "well perhaps your having a bad day, or something is still wrong. lets hook you up with one-on-one coaching". So more money and more losses. Finally the sucker gives up and the scammer convinces them that it is probably some quirk they have that will take a lot of practice and training to get fixed, so the sucker goes away thinking that there is something wrong with them that prevented them from achieving Dice Influence.

    The sad truth is that the sucker was setup to fail, because you cannot control the dice! Once the dice hit the diamond backwall, as how a legal craps throw must be, the dice are randomized and any 'on-axis' throw is undone. It is that simple and that is the truth of it.

    One thing I see with guys who think they are going to "influence the dice' is that they bet much larger than they should. The overconfidence, the cockiness and the delusion that they can control the dice are often the big reasons for the big losses. Sure, anyone can get a lucky hand - I have rolled a few monsters myself. But was it dice influence or was it just luck? This is where the Dice Influence guy gets confused and think his technique was the reason, and why he loses.
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