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Craps Don’t Come Bet

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by Jim Frank, Jun 23, 2020.

  1. Jim Frank

    Jim Frank New Member

    Jun 23, 2020
    Help me understand this -
    I drop $25 in the don’t come box, shooter rolls a 4.
    My $25 chip is placed on the 4 - don’t come line.

    I immediately drop $100 in the don’t come box and point to back the 4, dealer backs the 4.

    Shooter eventually rolls a 7

    Question: The $100 backing the 4 turns to a $50 win when a 7 falls

    That bet backing the 4 seems lopsided in my favor. That bet doesn’t seem to favor the casino.

    How is that available to me?

  2. Heavy

    Heavy Member Lineage to Founders

    Mar 3, 2015
    Internet Craps Guru
    Republic of Texas
    Don't Come bet odds pay just the opposite of Come Bet odds. The Don't Come bet pays even money. In your example, you'd be paid $25 for the flat bet (the $25 DC) and $50 (1 to 2) for the Free Odds bet.

    If you had bet the opposite side of the line - $25 in the Come and $100 in Free Odds behind the line you would have been paid $25 for the Come bet and $200 (2 -1) for the Free Odds bet.

    Don't Come odds always pay the exact opposite of the Come odds. On the Five and Nine Come odds pay 3 - 2. Lay odds on the Don't pay 2 - 3. On the Six and Eight Come odds pay 6 - 5. Lay odds pay 5 - 6.

    This is frequently confusing for new Don't players who are often unsure as to how much to wager behind the line on Don't Pass or Don't Come bets. When in doubt - multiples of $30 will work for any number on the layout.

    This is Don't 101 stuff and, believe it or not, it's among the first things I teach in my Advanced Craps Betting Strategy seminars because so FEW craps players play the Don'ts and almost NONE of them really grasp the POWER of playing the Don'ts and how to use those bets to your advantage once you get by the "Sheriff and the Deputy."
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