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Horse Racing Dubai

Discussion in 'Horse Racing Forum' started by BOA12, Mar 31, 2022.

  1. BOA12

    BOA12 Guest

    R2. Q Box 9-12-14-15. BOL2ALL:grrr:// R2. #14 WP. Qkey 14/12345891012131516. // R3. Qbox. 34912/// R4. Qkey 3/149101315. R4. #3 WP.//// R5. Qkey 4/13679111213. WP#4. This horse ran in Russia, pre invasion. R6. Qkey 13/234610. R6. #13 WP.// R7. Qbox 281112. DH 8-11. Still don't know what it pays. R8. Qbox 141214.// Hit r7 and r8 back to down $7. R9. Qbox 2357. #5 WP.// Hit R9 and #5 place. Up on the day. On to GP.:grrr:


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