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Lottery Florida lottery winner hoax.

Discussion in 'Lottery Forum | Lotto Forum' started by Tinhorn Gambler, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Tinhorn Gambler

    Tinhorn Gambler Member Lineage to Founders

    Mar 4, 2015
    Sin City, Nevada
    Florida lottery winner hoax.

    The 20-year-old Mega Millions Florida lotto winner Shane Missler isn't giving away his money.

    An online hoax is circulating claiming Shane Missler is willing to give away $5,000 to the first 50,000 Twitter followers who retweet and like his post.

    However, the fake account didn't belong to Shane Missler.

    Apparently, this is one of many fake accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and other media outlets.

    Source of story:
    Hoax claims Mega Millions winner is giving followers $5K - KTNV.com Las Vegas
  2. Karen Nathan

    Karen Nathan Member

    Aug 14, 2018
    Miami, Florida
    Thanks for the heads up. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to fall for this. Come on, 5000 just for liking/retweeting? Red flag! Red flag! If anything, if this were legitimate, he'd give checks hand to hand in person at a press conference or something.
  3. Rearach

    Rearach New Member

    Nov 28, 2018
    33 Hindhead Road EASINGTON COLLIERY SR8 5GW
    Why would anyone give such money for just liking or retweeting?

    Why does someone create a fake account and posting a fake news?
  4. Marta C Buckner

    Marta C Buckner New Member

    Dec 5, 2018
    84 Cunnery Rd MANCETTER CV9 7TL
    It's hard to believe that you can get $5,000 just for liking and retweeting his post. Definitely a SCAM!
    Poor those people who believe this kind of tactics.

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