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Las Vegas Freemont casino - Downtown - Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Forum' started by BlueAngel, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. BlueAngel

    BlueAngel Active Member

    Aug 27, 2016
    I've been at downtown, Las Vegas on the beginning of February 2015.
    I'm going to try to provide you an objective description of my experience.
    I was walking down the Freemont street and looking around as tourists do, it was late afternoon and I was wearing t-shirt and sunglasses :cool: I'm unfamiliar with warm weather during February.
    Thinking about that, if on February is so warm during the day, then during the summer you could fry eggs on the desert with explosive taste...:D
    Talking about heat, I've seen Freemont casino and I've decided to get inside and check around the atmosphere.
    So I get in and see a lot of degenerated gamblers sitting like zombies in front of the slots.
    There was an artificial mist made out of cigarettes, but this was no problem for me because as they say "the wet doesn't afraid of the rain...'
    I moved deeper inside, by the way this casino has not so ordinary structure, it's kind of long and narrow, anyway I've arrived at the roulette tables and was not hard to find an empty seat, actually a whole table was waiting for me!
    I sat down and took a quick look on the board, there were the 10 last numbers but I needed more before I begin betting, the problem was that there was no one else except me on the table.
    So I politely asked the elder Asian-American croupier to make a few spins for me (without betting).
    She stared at me with an angry glance and after a few seconds replied: "If you want to spin then you must bet, you don't bet I don't spin!"
    I bet simultaneously on red and black and told her I'm ready.
    The very moment I laid both bets at the table she was looking to find the pit boss!
    She spoke with loud and strict tone: "Look what he is doing!"
    The kind pit boss tried to tell me not do this, but not because he cared, but because he wanted to calm the angry dealer!
    I've replied calmly: "It is my money and I've the right to decide where and how to bet, If I lose it's my problem."
    The elder Asian-American dealer decided eventually to spin but she continue to speak with herself like whispering...
    After an hour I've decided to leave and move on to the next casino, El Cortez but this is going to be another story.
    Keep in touch because the best is yet to come...! ;)

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