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Craps Has my strategy idea already been hashed out?

Discussion in 'Craps Forum' started by CactusCat, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. CactusCat

    CactusCat New Member

    Apr 26, 2019
    Edmond, OK
    Hi folks. New user, haven't been here long but have studied and read a lot. I've been a ponies player for a long time and would like to delve off into the craps world a little now that it's legal here in good ol' Oklahoma. Lots of Indian casinos and lots of craps tables showing up. To be honest, I've never played craps but I've done my homework and tons of studying. I do IT work for a living and bought and installed WinCraps Pro (hands down the best and its a measly $15) to do my testing. Have literally tested dozens (if not hundreds) of methods, culling some, taking ideas from others, putting the thinking cap on. Let me tell you what I've come up with and someone tell me if this method has already been gone through. Math was always one of my best subjects and so far, both my testing and math have worked out. I can guarantee you that its possible for this system to lose, but the odds appear to be in my favor. Here's what I'm doing....

    I'm placing $5 on 5, $6 on 6 and 8. They are working all the time. Come out rolls and regular point rolls, they're all the same with this idea. I also put a $5 bet on the field on every throw of the dice. That gives me a $22 exposure. What this accomplishes is I win $$ on every number thrown except the 7. If a 7 is not rolled, I'll collect either $2 (if a 5, 6, or 8 shows), $5 (if a 3,4,9,10,11 shows) or $10 (if a 2 or 12 shows) on every throw. My strategy is to take down all wagers after 2 wins and wait until a 7 shows up. Sometimes, I'll go for 3 wins then take them down. Then rinse and repeat. I strive to win $10 or a little more each time before I take down my bets but if a lot of 5s, 6s, or 8s show, that's usually when I go for 3 wins before taking down all bets. I'm finding this to work very well with WinCraps testing. Lots of 7s in a row can damage your bankroll a little but you can usually make it back if you stick with it, maybe using the occasional double wager (ie - a 1 or 2 time Martingale). I prefer not to double up however. My goal is not big. I would like to win 25% of my bankroll then call it quits for that session. I start with $200 and strive to win $50. My idea is to win 4 sessions, have a bankroll of $400, then double all place bets and the field bet. Obviously, the goal would then be to win $100 for 2 sessions, then when the bankroll gets to $600, you'll be at $15, $18, $18 on the place bets and $15 on the field. And so on, etc... blah, blah.

    Next, the math. Obviously, the only number that hurts is the 7 which can be rolled 6 ways out of 36 possible. That leaves you with an 83.3% chance of winning by hitting some other number (30รท36=83.3333%). That by default leaves you with a 16.7% chance of losing the entire wager ($22). By taking down all the bets after 2 or 3 wins, I'm finding I usually win 4-6-8, sometimes 10 or more times before I lose the entire thing. My wins usually net me enough in profit so that I can withstand the loss.

    But wait... it gets better. :eek: Now the second part of my strategy. After I take down all the place bets, I continue to wager my $5 on the field, however, I then hop all the 7s for $1. We know the 7 is coming eventually, so I'm gonna make some $$ off of it. Some of the rolls, I'll lose all $8 (if a 5, 6, or 8 shows). If a 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 shows, I make $2. If the 2 or 12 shows, I make $7. If the 7 shows, I make $7. The math here shows you'll have a 61.1% chance of winning (either $2 or $7) and a 38.9% chance of losing the $8. It seems like it sort of balances out. My testing is showing it doesn't make much, but it does seem to make a little. Sometimes, I'll just use this 2nd part method to let me catch my breath. Then I start back in with the working place and field bets.

    Ok there it is... Comments and ideas are fully welcome, flame suit is on. Let me know what you think.


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