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Horse Racing HORSE racing facts from when they started how to handicap them

Discussion in 'Horse Racing Forum' started by OldBill, Mar 9, 2022.

  1. OldBill

    OldBill Guest

    I'll stick with the reg jockey ridden ones

    #1 the most winningest post positions every where in the word are the 2 4 6 and 7

    they will hit the booard most often

    #2 NEVER bet the 1 post in short races unless that horse has outstanding speed to get out in front and stay ahead

    because they normally get trapped by outside horses that are faster down the stretch

    # 3 Class is everything DO Not bet on a horse going up in class like say from $8000 clamiers up to $15,000

    speed is the end result of all these factors

    Scratch off all horses that lost lengths of end of last race like sy they were up 5 lengths then at wire win by 1/2 length

    REG Clamiers and allowance horses you want them back in action as soon as possible i fade every winner that out of action a month or more

    GIVE me a horse that closed that raced two weeks ago

    NEVER Let odds sway your selection people mostly are stupid lazy handicappers

    NOW how to handicap horses using calculator and a pen

    GO down last 6 races on the daily racing form if horse won a race he gets 300 points any 2nd place gets 150 points and 3rd place gets 50 points

    NOW take the years winnings of at laest 6 races or more like this example Horse won $4750 in 6 races

    divide 4750 by 6 = 791.66 round up to 792 now he won 1 race add 300 =1092 he got 1 3rd place add 50 = 1142

    this is great rating and there are only 4 horses that can win any race so compare this horse with your top 3 others

    and watch results as i did many times this horse 1142 other 3 say 1100 1090 and 1000

    finsish in exact order of ratings all 4

    yes the full racing form cost way more than it did years ago but it's worth it even tho way smaller

    you only get like last 8 races of each horse

    also know your tracks they all have biases

    and one more thing wind is killer of front runners a high wind 15 mph or more blowing in > direction will kill front runners and watch them fold down the stretch

    also another thing turf racing is far differnt than dirt racing do not bet a horse on grass that normally runs on dirt

    also a muddy track is going to kill horses with big hooves u want ahorse tht can run in rainy conditions or mud

    I hit super long shot way back in 80's he was a big loser on dry dirt but 10 races ago he slammed them all in mud

    it was simulcast at the nj track where i used to go at in NJ long gones garden state

    it was pouring buckets the track was very wet n heavy this horse went off at 35 -1 and i wacked him 10$ w p and S he won by 5 lengths and i collected 100's on a $30 total wager

    BUT today yo only see the last 8 races of all horses because DRF is like a book form

    OTHER Guy asked me after coming back how did you pick that horse i showed him on the racing form

    YES there have been jockeys suspended and trainers fined caught cheating

    but rare

    horse racing still only $2 a race with $40 you can bet all 10 races and get something to eat

    another thing be very quite when you win thier still thugs around looking to take your cash


  2. treetopbuddy

    treetopbuddy Member

    May 17, 2016
    Longmont CO
    What’s you lookin’ at that form for…? That tells you what the horse done did not what da horse is gonna do.

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