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Lottery Ion Saliu, insane fraud and kook, aka Parpaluck

Discussion in 'Lottery Forum | Lotto Forum' started by Axiomatic, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Axiomatic

    Axiomatic New Member

    Jan 13, 2020
    Ion Saliu authors and sells varied useless gambling books and software. He makes delusional claims that he founded mathematical principles taught in any grade school before he was born. He considers himself a scholar and professional but may very well be clinically insane.

    Ion Saliu (aka Parpaluck) is banned from almost all forums. His only followers are desperate gamblers dazzled by his verbal nonsensical diarrhea.

    He claims everyone who debunks his quackery is part of an outrageous conspiracy to stop him beating casinos. Ion has never achieved any measure of success in the real world of professional gambling.

    Ion Saliu is accurately described as a keyboard warrior. A charlatan behind a keyboard, and who routinely spams his website links on forums to sell his books which are riddled with errors and poor understanding.
    He seeks attention by denouncing recognized professionals and promoting his own insane theories of conspiracy, with grandiose fabricated tales of his gambling exploits. His manic attacks on industry experts are more a cry for attention. Nobody credible takes him seriously.

    His knowledge of fundamentals is amateurish at best. He's a classic narcissistic troll with a delusional sense of knowledge and self-importance. He seeks attention and thrives on creating controversy.

    His Fundamental Formula of Gambling stems from his poor understanding of basic probability, mixed with delusion and arrogance. He "rediscovered" basic statistics and believes he made a breakthrough.

    His statement about his Fundamental Formula of Gambling:

    A practical example of his axiomatic rediscovered hypothesis is the more you toss a coin, the greater the chance heads will eventually appear. This hypothesis is nothing new. It's fundamental statistics.

    His denouncement of proven advantage play like card counting makes his poor knowledge axiomatically clear.

    His websites and books are inundated with similar "axiomatic rediscoveries" he claims to have founded, mixed with classic gamblers fallacy.

    Ion Saliu is not an expert in gaming. He is an internet troll. A liar and fraud. A keyboard warrior with no real experience in gambling. A theorist, with incorrect theories.

    What's more, he isn't "all there". He doesn't play with a full deck. This much is clear to most of the gambling community, which is why he's banned on almost all forums.

    At least hopefully this message will save new people time.
  2. albalaha

    albalaha Active Member Founding Member

    Dec 29, 2014
    OK. Saliu is selling useless books and software on gambling. Who is selling useful stuff? Gambling and smoking are tax upon ignorance. They have to harm slightly or hugely irrespective of the manner it is done.

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