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Lottery Lottery Clerks scamming/attempting to scam Customers out of their winning tickets?:/

Discussion in 'Lottery Forum | Lotto Forum' started by Karen Nathan, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Karen Nathan

    Karen Nathan Member

    Aug 14, 2018
    Miami, Florida
    Has this ever happened to you? A Lottery Clerk at a gas station told me my ticket was not a winner. I told him off saying something like,"Don't play with me! I checked my numbers on the Florida Lottery website and they matched!" He had a look of,"Damn, she's smarter than I thought!" And weakly claimed that he was just joking and paid me my money. -.-

    There was a Dateline episode where Dateline were giving $1,000 and in one case a $500 winning tickets to random Lottery Clerks for them to scan to check their honesty. The Dateline Employees were undercover and had hidden cameras on them. Most of the random Clerks were honest(One of them even said something really helpful like,"You really should sign this winning ticket and go to the Lottery Office.")and told the truth, but 6 Clerks straight up lied and said the tickets were all losers and kept the tickets and like 5 of them either have it to their family member who claimed it or they claimed it themselves.

    One person lied, kept it but didn't cash it in. A 7th person admitted that the ticket was a winner but did Lottery Discounting when the Undercover Dateline Employee claimed they had debts and they knew that The Lottery would keep all the money to pay off the debts if they went to the Lottery Office to claim it in person and not give it to the winner to spend. The Clerk said he would "buy," the ticket for about $600. She agreed, and he gave her the $600 and she gave him the ticket. Although he was not arrested for buying the ticket from her, his store lost the Lottery licence since Lottery Discounting is against Lottery Rules and Regulations, although not illegal. Posters on YouTube said that they felt the Lottery Discounter should not have had his Lottery Licence revoked because he was actually trying to help someone who told him she had debts that she knew The Lottery would use all of her winnings to pay them off and not give it to her. They said he should have been left alone, although they agreed the 6 liars deserved to be punished.

    The guy who only kept the ticket but didn't claim it was merely fired, after his boss said he did nothing wrong. WTF? LMAO. :/ :D. The only thing stopping him from being arrested and sentenced to jail was the fact that he did not claim ut, merely just kept it. The other 5 Clerks were arrested and sentenced to 4-6 months in jail along with the family Members who claimed it.

    So have any Lottery Clerks attempted to scam or have scammed/attempted to scam you or anybody you know/heard of?

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