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Horse Racing Mr G&T Random Plays- Act II (Trying to Make Some Money)

Discussion in 'Horse Racing Forum' started by mrginandtonic, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. After a few months break, I have decided to post my random plays again or dart throwing skills or whatever it’s called. In Act II, I will use a different format. I will use $2000 as my bankroll and will post all the bets (including all the exotic wagers). All plays are reflections of my own plays in Xpressbet; therefore, wagering amounts will fluctuate. By that, I mean at times I will place a $20WP or $10 Exactas, or even higher. My goal of this thread to build a profit for the Breeders Cups this year using realistic plays and strategies. The only bet that I will not post in advance is the Rainbow Pick 6 (for obvious reason) but it will count as my wager since the bet is from my wagering account. I will not be playing everyday or every weekend (just don’t have the time, and studying the form is very time consuming for me).

    As usual, comments and suggestions are always welcome. I have said it before, we are all here to make some money. Although horse racing is a parimutuel game, I doubt that our collaborate efforts here will make any dent in the final odds of race in the large tracks that I play. I am not an expert or anything remotely close, I just love horse racing. Therefore, I do not recommend anyone just blindly follow. Instead, we can discuss and form a around table for horse racing. I know there are a lot of great horse players here (just look at Beat the Bag thread). I am not as good as they are, but I just want to create thread to track my plays and also hoping to get other people’s ideas here so that we can all benefit.

    Finally and most importantly, have fun at the races. GL to all.


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