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Casino My Leo Vegas thoughts and why I highly recommend them...

Discussion in 'Casino Forum' started by JohanOSWins, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. JohanOSWins

    JohanOSWins Guest

    After over 10 years of online casino strolling (and still no single jackpot win, heh), I have found my favorite for the past years: Leo Vegas! I've got so many positive things to say about LV that I simply want to share it with you lot, even if I am new here. I am a scandinavian/nordic player, and I can safely recommend Leo Vegas, especially to nordic players! Here, I will try to give you a relatively quick pros and cons list of the things I do like about Leo Vegas and some minor things that are missing, but what I'd like to see on LV as well. But so far, Leo Vegas seems to be one of THE best out there, especially for nordic players. Really. Here's why...

    + Fast withdrawal process. If you use bank transfer for withdrawal, depending on your bank and location, you will have the money within 1-2 days. For me, who is in scandinavia, I get the money in less than 24 hours, which IMO is pretty quickly!
    + Very quick, helpful and a reliable customer support. If chat is somewhat not available, they will reply your e-mail quickly and answer your worries and questions.
    + GREAT online slot list. Astonishing great variation of online slots to choose from! Everything from scandinavian-based Yggdrasil to the awesomely entertaining Williams Interactive slots to the more common NetEnt, Quickspin, Microgaming etc. Note: It's actually very rare to find any GOOD casinos that offers both Yggdrasil AND Williams Interactive games (amongst other amazing games too, of course). These are 2 softwares with quite easily the most entertaining and interesting video slots you can find out there. Not only straight ahead "press spin-button" games, but games with fun as well as some exciting features and bonuses too.
    + Great VIP Level system. I cherish the VIP LEVEL system to LV! The higher your VIP Level is, the better bonuses you get. I am on 30+ and I do get some pretty good weekend and weekly bonuses, though there can sometimes be a week or two with NO bonuses too... Not to mention that you don't have any fees when depositing or making a withdrawal.
    + Great weekly and weekend bonuses. They range from 50-150% dep. to free spins bonuses.
    + Great welcome bonuses. On your first, second AND third deposit, you get a 100% bonus (150% on your first, 100% on your second and third) and then on the fourth deposit, you get a 50% bonus. That in addition to the 180 free spins on your first deposit! PS: Don't waste your 180 spins on the crappy Vegas Party. I'd choose either Mega Fortune Dreams or Starburst.
    + No(?) same IP/PC and household restrictions. You can have up to several family members registered on their site AND use the same PC, as long as the personal details are not the same, of course.
    + Simple bonus system. You play with your money first before you begin with your bonus money.
    + Nice UI (user interface), both for the desktop and mobile platforms.
    + Overall a very nice experience when you combine everything. No fuss with anything, whatsoever.

    Not many bad things to say, but if you've stayed there for a while, you do see some things you wish they'd have, even if these things are not "big" things...
    - Not all games are available for the mobile platform. It's obvious that not all games can be available, but there's still a large portion that is not available that other casinos do have available for their mobile apps. Some games are missing even on the desktop format...
    - Not possible to sort games by newest. Yes, there are many of us who loves to try out the new games. Yes, they do have the new games marked with "new", but you cannot sort the games after "newest"...
    - Not possible to change currency when choosing deposit method i.e Paysafecard. A lot of other casinos offer the customer to choose between a couple of currencies when choosing Paysafecard, but on LV, you are stuck with 1 currency...
    - Not many tournaments. They do have weekly single tournaments and a longer tournament, but no other variation to it, such as live tournament tables for certain games etc.
    - No favorites list for desktops. Yes, there is one for the mobile and yes you can have some games in the last played games list, but not your own favorites list. However, they do have a "search"-function that works nicely.
    - Decent WR of 35xb. It's quite high, but at least it's not 35xb&d, only "d"...
    - Not a complete list of the software games. Missing loads of Williams slots and some Quickspin slots.
    - No bonus cancellation. A lot of casinos offer to cancel the bonus you are in, but not LV.
    - This seem to be somewhat of a software issue, but Williams slots tend to spin for way longer time than on other casinos.

    So yeah, other than these fields, it's nothing bad in the big picture to say about the Leo Vegas.

    I cannot wait to start uploading some of my online slot win videos from LV onto youtube!

    Contender? I would say that Betsafe is the closest contestant out there to Leo Vegas, but in my opinion, they are too big and too overpopulated. Maybe even too overrated. They can match LV quite close, but I get a better feel with Leo Vegas. Better than with Betsafe anyway. By all means, Betsafe is a good place that offers many of the above listed things as well, and now they've also added Yggdrasil Gaming to their software list, so they're even stronger in the market now. But yeah, they're too big and mainstream now, as well as they too have their things they can improve on, of course.

    Anyway, to me, Leo Vegas is by far a highly recommended casino if you love great taste of fun and entertainment. Been a member there for a good while now, and it doesn't look like I am planning to turn "away" anytime soon, really. Thumbs up to Leo Vegas from me, for sure.

    Here are some nice wins I've gathered up on Leo Vegas so far (my PC failed when I wanted to record the red chibi fullscreen win, but at least I got a screenie of it):
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  2. AskBoab

    AskBoab Member

    Apr 11, 2018
    Betting Expert, pro-Gambler & pro-Astrologer
    London, UK
    I've never tried Leo Vegas however whenever I do gamble at online casinos I like to see LIVE action - I want to SEE that ball bounce on that wheel baby, no computer substitutes!!

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