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Baccarat My ridiculous and sloppy play that has made me a consistent winner

Discussion in 'Baccarat Forum' started by GreyDillinger, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. GreyDillinger

    GreyDillinger New Member

    Apr 13, 2019
    Las Vegas
    I’ve been playing full-time baccarat for over 10 years I’m not rich, but I’m living great!

    I have no particular system or mechanical method or trigger selection that I use consistently. I don’t always leave a winner, I bust out a couple times a week.

    But in the long run I’ve managed to consistently stay ahead. I’ve pearned that I can walk in a casino with $5,000 and lose it all without ever being up even one unit. I’ve also learned that I can turn my last $10 into $1,000.

    After trying every system and betting method that I know of, the one thing I can take away from everything is my simple money management skills.

    I go into the casino with 40 units and play until I’m bored or until my session bankroll is gone. 40 units in my case is $10 or $15 dollar base units in most cases. I’ll take advantage of my gut instincts, sometimes I’ll play a small Marty or flat bet, etc. sometimes I’ll eyeball particular triggers, and I usually just continually change it up trying to find what works the best that day.

    Ideally I want to have a great day and make a thousand or two. But if I’ve been slowly grinding and find myself only up a hundred after a few hours, or even if I lose it all... I’m okay and know that tomorrow is another day.

    I find myself performing better with a small and conservative bankroll, when I walk in the bac room with a large bankroll I tend to lose it easier and play too sloppy, so the key to my day is to always start fresh and small.

    In April alone I’ve had 3 good days where I made:


    I’ve completely lost my starting bankroll of $200-300 7 times, and had 2 days where I made a little over $150 and $400.

    There have been 6 occasions I could have left if my stop/win was $1,000.

    All of these numbers have been very typical of my play over the years. The action I’ve had in April secures my bankroll for two straight months if that makes sense.

    The longest losing streak I’ve ever had was in January and February of 2017. I lost my session bankroll every day for 53 straight days. The saddest part was that it didn’t have to be such a big losing streak. I had at the time increased my daily bankroll to $50 units and played extremely lose. I chased my losses for several days, and even climbed out of the hole once in my first week when I had made about $7,000, but played it all back and continued to do so for nearly two months until I found myself down to a savings of less than 2k.

    I accepted my losses, started fresh at a casino with a minimum of $5 bets and grew my bankroll back up to a comfortable level and have had consistently and positive results ever since.

    This week I’m planning on slowly increasing my minimum unit size to $25 and upping it $5 every week and continuing to improve my psychological conditioning.

    My mantra is: when you win, win big. When you lose, lose small.
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  2. asymbacguy

    asymbacguy Member

    Nov 17, 2015
    In its simplicity your post provides plentiful of valuable points.

    If it's possible to win big by playing a relatively small bankroll, it's probable to lose big by playing a huge bankroll.
    Not accepting the inevitable losses is one of the main factors why bac players would lose a lot more than expected.

    Imo we can't do any worse than losing the expected by flat betting and not surprisingly for every bet we'll win we have to expect the same losing counterpart.
    It's only a matter of time to get the searched situations and it seems bac players do not like to wait. Me first, in the past.


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