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Sports Betting ncaa hoops discussion

Discussion in 'Sports Betting Forum | Sportsbook Forum' started by 2dabank, Feb 10, 2015.

  1. 2dabank

    2dabank New Member Founding Member

    Dec 31, 2014
    hello everyone, been posting my thoughts/plays on various sites through the years. figured i might as well share here and see if there is any interest..

    some may know me from other forums, some may not..im not the type to post picks and expect anyone to blindly follow along.. i know and love this sport and enjoy trying to bring a different perspective than what others may have,, i also enjoy hearing what others opinions may be whether they agree or not (or on entirely different games than the ones i mention) as long as you can articulate sound reasoning for your position and want to share im all ears and am more than happy to respond when i have the time. in fact that why i titled the thread as i did, the more discussion the better imo.. i certainly dont have all the answers and know better than to believe i do. this happens to be my favorite sport and one of the 2 im relatively confident in my long term results (baseball being the other).. so feel free to debate a little, ask questions, or bring up a game you would like to talk about. i like us all have work, family, life responsibilities but most days i find time to come back and respond the best i can before tips of any gms..

    so enough about what id like this thread to be about and i will start with a couple games im interested in or have already played for 2/10/15.

    buffalo-4.. the last 2 seasons the bulls have only dropped 1 game on their home court, although they are currently 1 gm behind several teams in the MAC ( including their opponent toledo) i have them rated as the best team in the conference and at home i dont feel it a question. toledo will be their toughest test to date but i feel they matchup very well in this gm. toledo's success on the defensive end comes from the fact they do a great job defending the trey in conf play only allowing teams to shoot 27% from behind the arc. the problem for them here is buf does not rely on this shot at all as they only get 18% of their points from 3. where buf earns their keep is on the interior with some athletic front court players and out in the open court as all their guards sport solid assist to turnover numbers. this was a 2 point loss at toledo in this matchup last year mostly spurred by the fact the rockets had 24ft attempts to the bulls 6, since that gm last season both teams have improved but imo buf has made the bigger strides..

    new mexico+7.5.. if i see ppl are interested when i get home from work i will be more than happy to go into why i like this gm but i dont have the time now and these were the 2 gms where i thought the lines wouldnt be better for me later this afternoon (not saying they wont be as im no line expert but at both current numbers i feel good so wanted to play them)..

    i have several more leans on this card as i saw plenty of gms that presented some potential opportunity which is a nice change from sunday and monday where i think i played 4 gms total in those 2 days(even last sat i prob only made 5 plays which very low for me on a Saturday) . that the way it goes, i try not to bet for the sake of it in a never ending struggle to be disciplined but there are many days i play a lot of gms if i feel there a edge, then plenty where i make very few..

    anyways, i guess that my introduction to this new site. I always look forward to reading others thoughts and never mid answering any questions so by all means feel free to post if there anything you would like to discuss...
  2. givemethepoints

    givemethepoints New Member Lineage to Founders

    Feb 18, 2015
    anybody looking for a good handicapper, try matt dillon. i been trying him and he has been red hot in NCAA basketball.

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