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Poker Never seen this before

Discussion in 'Poker Forum' started by Jon Poker, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. Jon Poker

    Jon Poker Guest

    Never seen this before ao i wanted ti share this hand. I was not involved in the hand so it is not in my hand history - but i hit the replay button and wrote it down just for this lol.

    Playing a $10 freeroll on ACR, there's a raise preflop and about 5 people go to the flop which comes


    Original raiser bets - gets raised immediately and then everyone starts ripping it all in, at the end there are 4 players all in and the hands are shown:

    Player 1 :Ks::Qh:
    Player 2 :Kd::Qc:
    Player 3 :Kh::Qs:
    Player 4 :Ts::Tc:

    Board holds for top 2 pair...but ive never seen 3 people alll flop their case top two in a single hand ever. Was pretty cool to see. Anyone else ever seen this before?


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