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Forex Over complicate - and you loose

Discussion in 'Forex Forum' started by michaelpelly, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. michaelpelly

    michaelpelly Guest

    It never gets old.

    Stop using charts, fancy indicators, auto-algo-fancy-shmency strategies and start GAINING profit base on the price movement!

    Charts can mislead, indicators can stop working when market changes model, but buy low and sell a bit higher never fails.

    And stop over complicate - sometimes profits will be big, sometimes small - itÂ’s still profit, work to acquire more capital.

    Do not build space shuttles when you can have bicycle and ride to the next village.

    Best trades I ever had were based on a price of something very deprecated for some period with reasonable risk and almost 1:1 leverage.

    1. Oil when it was 28$, bought and just waited 4 weeks
    2. Copper when it was 2.00 - bought and waited 4-5 weeks
    3. The currencies wildly deprecated couple days after Swiss event in 2015 - bought NZD against CHF and waited couple of weeks
    4. NGAs couple weeks ago when it went 2.9 - bought half-contract, and then to 3.7 in 2 weeks

    Keep it ducking simple!


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