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Poker PokerStars tournament

Discussion in 'Poker Forum' started by AlexBlefer, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. AlexBlefer

    AlexBlefer Guest

    Good day, I want everyone. I'm playing Poker Stars and I'm thinking of having some privileged players, from certain territories or countries. I would not say that someone is offended because this is Poker Stars, and not those people who play poker. I noticed that I can not win a hand with a 90% chance if I play against a chip leader (those countries are in question 2)
    here is one of many .. It can not be all programmed in advance, but if the program is such that the rules are respected and that it is playing with some optimal bandwidth ... when I get in with the J8 in my hand I would surely come out as a loser ...
    Every day happens the same. I do not tilt, but it all worries me all the time. all of us and I see from which two countries there are the most players in the tournaments .. What do you think about it?



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